Azure 中的虛擬機器大小Sizes for virtual machines in Azure

本文說明可用於執行應用程式和工作負載之 Azure 虛擬機器的可用大小和選項。This article describes the available sizes and options for the Azure virtual machines you can use to run your apps and workloads. 同時也提供當您規劃使用這些資源時所需注意的部署考量。It also provides deployment considerations to be aware of when you're planning to use these resources.

類型Type 大小Sizes 描述Description
一般用途General purpose B、Dsv3、Dv3、Dasv4、Dav4、DSv2、Dv2、Av2、DC、DCv2、Dv4、Dsv4、Ddv4、Ddsv4B, Dsv3, Dv3, Dasv4, Dav4, DSv2, Dv2, Av2, DC, DCv2, Dv4, Dsv4, Ddv4, Ddsv4 CPU 與記憶體的比例平均。Balanced CPU-to-memory ratio. 適用於測試和開發、小型至中型資料庫,以及低至中流量 Web 伺服器。Ideal for testing and development, small to medium databases, and low to medium traffic web servers.
計算最佳化Compute optimized F、Fs、Fsv2F, Fs, Fsv2 CPU 與記憶體的比例高。High CPU-to-memory ratio. 適用於中流量 Web 伺服器、網路設備、批次處理,以及應用程式伺服器。Good for medium traffic web servers, network appliances, batch processes, and application servers.
記憶體最佳化Memory optimized Esv3、Ev3、Easv4、Eav4、Ev4、Esv4、Edv4、Edsv4、Mv2、M、DSv2、Dv2Esv3, Ev3, Easv4, Eav4, Ev4, Esv4, Edv4, Edsv4, Mv2, M, DSv2, Dv2 記憶體與 CPU 的比例高。High memory-to-CPU ratio. 適用於關聯式資料庫伺服器、中型至大型快取,以及記憶體內部分析。Great for relational database servers, medium to large caches, and in-memory analytics.
儲存體最佳化Storage optimized Lsv2Lsv2 較高的磁碟輸送量和 IO 適用於巨量資料、SQL、NoSQL 資料庫、資料倉儲和大型交易資料庫。High disk throughput and IO ideal for Big Data, SQL, NoSQL databases, data warehousing and large transactional databases.
GPUGPU NC、NCv2、NCv3、NCasT4_v3 (Preview) 、ND、NDv2 (Preview) 、NV、NVv3、NVv4NC, NCv2, NCv3, NCasT4_v3 (Preview), ND, NDv2 (Preview), NV, NVv3, NVv4 特製化的虛擬機器,其目標是大量的圖形轉譯和視訊編輯,以及搭配深入學習運作的模型訓練和推斷 (ND)。Specialized virtual machines targeted for heavy graphic rendering and video editing, as well as model training and inferencing (ND) with deep learning. 有單一或多個 GPU 可供使用。Available with single or multiple GPUs.
高效能計算High performance compute HB、HBv2、HC、HHB, HBv2, HC, H 速度最快、功能最強的 CPU 虛擬機器,搭載選配的高輸送量網路介面 (RDMA)。Our fastest and most powerful CPU virtual machines with optional high-throughput network interfaces (RDMA).


如需使用 REST API 來查詢 VM 大小的資訊,請參閱下列各項:For information on using the REST API to query for VM sizes, see the following:


深入了解 Azure 計算單位 (ACU) 如何協助您比較各個 Azure SKU 的計算效能。Learn more about how Azure compute units (ACU) can help you compare compute performance across Azure SKUs.

基準測試分數Benchmark scores

深入了解如何使用 CoreMark 基準分數來計算 Linux VM 的效能。Learn more about compute performance for Linux VMs using the CoreMark benchmark scores.

深入瞭解使用 SPECInt 基準測試分數的 Windows vm 計算效能。Learn more about compute performance for Windows VMs using the SPECInt benchmark scores.

管理成本Manage costs

Azure 服務成本費用。Azure services cost money. Azure 成本管理可協助您設定預算和設定警示以控制費用。Azure Cost Management helps you set budgets and configure alerts to keep spending under control. 使用成本管理來分析、管理和最佳化您的 Azure 成本。Analyze, manage, and optimize your Azure costs with Cost Management. 若要深入了解,請參閱分析成本的快速入門To learn more, see the quickstart on analyzing your costs.

後續步驟Next steps

深入了解可用的不同 VM 大小:Learn more about the different VM sizes that are available: