PartialResultProcessing 列舉


PartialResultProcessing 列舉型別會指定部分結果處理的所需類型。The PartialResultProcessing enumeration specifies the required type of partial results processing.

public enum class PartialResultProcessing
public enum PartialResultProcessing
type PartialResultProcessing = 
Public Enum PartialResultProcessing


NoPartialResultSupport 0

應用程式不會擷取部分結果。The application will not retrieve partial results. 該值等於 0。The value is equal to 0.

ReturnPartialResults 1

應用程式會擷取部分結果。The application will retrieve partial results. 值等於 1。The value is equal to 1.

ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback 2

應用程式會擷取部分結果,並使用回呼機制。An application will retrieve partial results and use the callback mechanism. 值等於 2。The value is equal to 2.


執行非同步作業的應用程式可以使用BeginSendRequest方法、 EndSendRequest方法AsyncCallback和標準 .net 樣式中的委派 (選擇性)。An application performing an asynchronous operation can use the BeginSendRequest method, EndSendRequest method, and (optionally) the AsyncCallback delegate in the standard .NET style.

抓取部分結果的應用程式可以呼叫BeginSendRequest , 並傳遞 ReturnPartialResults 或 ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback partialMode做為參數。An application retrieving partial results can call the BeginSendRequest and pass either ReturnPartialResults or ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback as the partialMode parameter.

在大部分的情況下, 請使用 NoPartialResultSupport 以獲得更佳的效能和擴充性。In most scenarios, use NoPartialResultSupport for better performance and scalability. 只有在需要抓取部分結果的情況下, 才建議使用 ReturnPartialResults 或 ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback。The use of ReturnPartialResults or ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback is only recommended in the scenario where the retrieval of partial results is desired. 例如, 當使用指定的DirectoryNotificationControl來執行搜尋時, 只有對該物件進行變更時, 才會傳回搜尋結果。For example, when performing a search with the DirectoryNotificationControl specified, the search results are returned only when changes are made to that object. 搜尋永遠不會完成, 而且會傳回部分結果。The search never completes and partial results are returned.