GenericAccessRights GenericAccessRights GenericAccessRights GenericAccessRights Enum


使用 Windows 2000 和 Windows NT 存取格式,指定 Message Queuing 對應至讀取、寫入和執行之標準和物件特定存取權限的通用存取權限集。Uses the Windows 2000 and Windows NT access format to specify a set of common access rights that Message Queuing maps to both standard and object-specific access rights for reading, writing, and executing.

此列舉具有 FlagsAttribute 個屬性允許以位元方式合併其成員值。

public enum class GenericAccessRights
public enum GenericAccessRights
type GenericAccessRights = 
Public Enum GenericAccessRights


All All All All 268435456

讀取、寫入和執行存取權。Read, write, and execute access.

Execute Execute Execute Execute 536870912

執行存取權。Execute access.

None None None None 0

沒有存取權。No access.

Read Read Read Read -2147483648

讀取存取權。Read access.

Write Write Write Write 1073741824

寫入存取權。Write access.


GenericAccessRights列舉在您可以指定的內容中提供較少的詳細資料, 但通常比指定所有對應的標準和特定許可權更簡單。The GenericAccessRights enumeration provides less detail in what you can specify, but is typically simpler than specifying all the corresponding standard and specific rights. 每個物件類型都可以將一般存取權限對應至一組標準 (通用於大部分的安全物件類型) 和物件特定的許可權。Each object type can map generic access rights to a set of standard (common to most types of securable objects) and object-specific rights.

例如, 授與使用者對訊息佇列的讀取和寫入權限, 可讓您從佇列傳送、查看和接收訊息。For example, giving a user Read and Write access to a message queue enables sending, peeking, and receiving messages from a queue. 不過, 如需更精細的存取權限控制, 您StandardAccessRights可以使用MessageQueueAccessRights和列舉來指定使用者可以查看但不接收訊息、可以刪除佇列或訊息, 或可以設定佇列屬性。However, for finer access rights control, you can use the StandardAccessRights and the MessageQueueAccessRights enumeration to specify, for example, that a user can peek but not receive messages, can delete queues or messages, or can set queue properties.