UdpClient.Ttl UdpClient.Ttl UdpClient.Ttl UdpClient.Ttl Property


取得或設定值,指定由 UdpClient 傳送之網際網路通訊協定 (IP) 封包的存留時間 (TTL) 值。Gets or sets a value that specifies the Time to Live (TTL) value of Internet Protocol (IP) packets sent by the UdpClient.

 property short Ttl { short get(); void set(short value); };
public short Ttl { get; set; }
member this.Ttl : int16 with get, set
Public Property Ttl As Short


TTL 值。The TTL value.


下列程式碼範例示範如何使用Ttl屬性。The following code example shows the use of the Ttl property.

static void GetSetTtl( UdpClient^ u )
   // Set the Time To Live (TTL) for this client.
   u->Ttl = 42;
   Console::WriteLine(  "Ttl value is {0}", u->Ttl );
public static void GetSetTtl(UdpClient u)
    // Set the Time To Live (TTL) for this client.
    u.Ttl = 42;
    Console.WriteLine("Ttl value is {0}",


TTL 值表示在路由器捨棄封包, 並將網際網路控制訊息通訊協定 (ICMP) 「超過 TTL」錯誤訊息傳回給寄件者之前, 封包可以跨越的路由器數目上限。The TTL value indicates the maximum number of routers a packet can traverse before the router discards the packet and an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) "TTL exceeded" error message is returned to the sender.