ISession 介面


為通訊工作階段提供識別碼來定義此介面,於交換訊息的各端之間建立共用內容。Defines the interface to establish a shared context among parties that exchange messages by providing an ID for the communication session.

public interface class ISession
public interface ISession
type ISession = interface
Public Interface ISession


ISession 介面是所有工作階段的基底介面。The ISession interface is the base interface for all sessions. 它包含了用來識別此工作階段的 Id 屬性。It contains a Id property for identifying the session.

工作階段是通訊交換中所有參與者之間的共用內容。A session is a shared context among all participants in a communication exchange. 這個共用內容具有以下三個屬性的特點:This shared context is characterized by the following three properties:

  • 工作階段建立 - 這是在所有參與者之間建立共用內容的程序。Session establishment - a process for establishing shared context among all participants.

  • 訊息相互關聯 - 這是讓訊息群組與共用內容執行個體相互關聯的方法。Message correlation - a method for correlating a group of messages to an instance of shared context.

  • ISession 介面不會收到有關工作階段參與者數目或工作階段存留期 (Lifetime) 的通知。The ISession interface is not informed as to the number of participants in a session or the lifetime of a session.

藉由讓識別碼與工作階段產生關聯來提供這些工作階段屬性。These session properties are provided by associating an ID with a session.

ISession 是由以下項目所繼承:ISession is inherited by:



取得可唯一識別此工作階段的識別碼。Gets the ID that uniquely identifies the session.