DeadLetterQueue 列舉


指定要使用的寄不出的信件佇列類型。Specifies the type of dead-letter queue to be used.

public enum class DeadLetterQueue
public enum DeadLetterQueue
type DeadLetterQueue = 
Public Enum DeadLetterQueue


Custom 2

自訂寄不出的信件佇列。Custom dead-letter queue.

None 0

不使用寄不出的信件佇列。No dead-letter queue is to be used.

System 1

請使用範圍觸及整個系統的寄不出的信件佇列。Use the system-wide, dead-letter queue.


寄不出的信件佇列是傳送應用程式佇列管理員上的佇列,用於無法傳遞的過期訊息。The dead-letter queue is a queue on the queue manager of the sending application for expired messages that have failed to be delivered. DeadLetterQueue 列舉會指定要使用的寄不出的信件佇列類型。The DeadLetterQueue enumeration specifies the type of dead-letter queue to use. 值如下:The values are:

  • None:不需要寄不出的信件佇列。None: No dead-letter queue is required. 如果訊息無法傳遞,則不會在寄不出的信件佇列中維護這個訊息的記錄。If a message fails delivery, no record of it is maintained in the dead-letter queue. ExactlyOnce 設定為 false 時,這就是預設值。This is the default value when ExactlyOnce is set to false.

  • System:全系統範圍的寄不出的信件佇列會用來記錄無法傳遞的訊息。System: The system-wide, dead-letter queue is used to record messages that fail delivery. MSMQ 具有一個系統寄不出的信件異動式佇列和一個系統寄不出的信件非異動式佇列,可分別記錄無法從異動式佇列與非異動式佇列傳遞的過期訊息。MSMQ has a transactional, system, dead-letter queue and a non-transactional, system, dead-letter queue to record expired messages that failed delivery from transactional and non-transactional queues, respectively. ExactlyOnce 設定為 true 時,這就是預設值。This is the default value when ExactlyOnce is set to true.

  • Custom:CustomDeadLetterQueue 中所指定的佇列會用來記錄無法傳遞的訊息。Custom: The queue specified in the CustomDeadLetterQueue is used to record messages that fail delivery.

訊息可能會因為下列任何一個原因而無法到達接收應用程式:A message can fail to reach the receiving application for any of the following reasons:

  • 異動式訊息已傳送至非異動式佇列。A transactional message is sent to a non-transactional queue.

  • 非異動式訊息已傳送至異動式佇列。A non-transactional message is sent to a transactional queue.

  • 未經驗證的訊息已傳送至僅接受經過驗證之訊息的佇列。An unauthenticated message is sent to a queue that accepts only authenticated messages.

  • 未經加密的訊息已傳送至僅接受經過加密之訊息的佇列。An unencrypted message is sent to a queue that accepts only encrypted messages.

  • 訊息傳送給接收者前,其存留時間值就已過期。The message's time-to-live value expires before the message is delivered to a receiver.

  • 已超出目標電腦的訊息儲存配額或是目的佇列的儲存配額,或者是當訊息送達時,目標電腦上沒有可用的儲存空間。The message storage quota of the target computer or the storage quota of the destination queue is exceeded, or there is no available storage space on the target computer when the message arrives.

  • 寄件者沒有將訊息放在目的地佇列中所需的 存取權限The sender does not have the access rights required to place the message in the destination queue.

  • 附加到訊息的數位簽章無效。The digital signature attached to the message is not valid.

  • 加密的訊息無法由目的佇列管理員進行解密。An encrypted message cannot be decrypted by the destination queue manager.

  • 擷取訊息前,會清除或刪除目的佇列。The destination queue is purged or deleted before the message is retrieved.