FindCriteria11 FindCriteria11 FindCriteria11 FindCriteria11 Class


表示使用 WS-Discovery 通訊協定 1.1 版搜尋服務時使用的準則。Represents the criteria to use when searching for services using version 1.1 of the WS-Discovery protocol.

public ref class FindCriteria11 : System::Xml::Serialization::IXmlSerializable
public class FindCriteria11 : System.Xml.Serialization.IXmlSerializable
type FindCriteria11 = class
    interface IXmlSerializable
Public Class FindCriteria11
Implements IXmlSerializable


Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

判斷指定的物件是否等於目前的物件。Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

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FromFindCriteria(FindCriteria) FromFindCriteria(FindCriteria) FromFindCriteria(FindCriteria) FromFindCriteria(FindCriteria)

使用指定的 FindCriteria11 執行個體,初始化 FindCriteria 的新執行個體。Initializes a new instance of the FindCriteria11 using the specified FindCriteria instance.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

做為預設雜湊函式。Serves as the default hash function.

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GetSchema() GetSchema() GetSchema() GetSchema()

取得尋找準則的結構描述。Gets the find criteria schema.

GetSchema(XmlSchemaSet) GetSchema(XmlSchemaSet) GetSchema(XmlSchemaSet) GetSchema(XmlSchemaSet)

從指定的 XmlSchemaSet 取得尋找準則結構描述。Gets the find criteria schema from the specified XmlSchemaSet.

GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

取得目前執行個體的 TypeGets the Type of the current instance.

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MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone()

建立目前 Object 的淺層複本 (Shallow Copy)。Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

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ReadXml(XmlReader) ReadXml(XmlReader) ReadXml(XmlReader) ReadXml(XmlReader)

從 XML 讀取 FindCriteria11 執行個體。Reads a FindCriteria11 instance from XML.

ToFindCriteria() ToFindCriteria() ToFindCriteria() ToFindCriteria()

取得與這個 FindCriteria 執行個體相關聯的 FindCriteria11Gets the FindCriteria associated with this FindCriteria11 instance.

ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

傳回代表目前物件的字串。Returns a string that represents the current object.

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WriteXml(XmlWriter) WriteXml(XmlWriter) WriteXml(XmlWriter) WriteXml(XmlWriter)

FindCriteria11 寫入 XML。Writes the FindCriteria11 to XML.