SpeechSynthesizer.PhonemeReached 事件


到達音素時引發。Raised when a phoneme is reached.

 event EventHandler<System::Speech::Synthesis::PhonemeReachedEventArgs ^> ^ PhonemeReached;
public event EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.PhonemeReachedEventArgs> PhonemeReached;
member this.PhonemeReached : EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.PhonemeReachedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event PhonemeReached As EventHandler(Of PhonemeReachedEventArgs) 


音素是撰寫語言的基本元件, 通常是表示一或多個不同音效的字母 (或兩個字母的組合)。A phoneme is a basic component of written language, typically a letter of an alphabet (or the combination of two letters) that represents one or more distinct sounds. 例如, 字母 "c" 是音素, 在 "cinder" 中可能會像 "s", 或在 "catch" 中類似 "k"。For example, the letter "c" is a phoneme that may sound like "s" in "cinder", or like "k" in "catch". 撰寫的單字是音素的組合搭配。A written word is an assemblage of phonemes. 變更單字中的音素將會改變其拼寫。Changing a phoneme in a word will alter its spelling.

實例會針對構成PhonemeReached音素之單字的每個部分產生事件。 SpeechSynthesizerA SpeechSynthesizer instance generates a PhonemeReached event for each portion of a word that constitutes a phoneme. 例如, "主題" 一詞會產生三個PhonemeReached事件; 一個用於 "th" 音效, 一個用於 "e" 音效, 另一個用於 "m" 音效 (me)。For example, for the word "theme" would generate three PhonemeReached events; one for the "th" sound, one for the "e" sound, and one for the "m" sound (me).

如需與事件相關聯之資料的範例和資訊, PhonemeReachedEventArgs請參閱。For an example and information about data associated with the event, see PhonemeReachedEventArgs.