HttpResponse.IsRequestBeingRedirected 屬性


取得布林值,指出用戶端是否傳輸至新位置。Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the client is being transferred to a new location.

 property bool IsRequestBeingRedirected { bool get(); };
public bool IsRequestBeingRedirected { get; }
member this.IsRequestBeingRedirected : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsRequestBeingRedirected As Boolean


如果位置回應標頭的值不同於目前的位置,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the value of the location response header is different than the current location; otherwise, false.


使用屬性搭配屬性來測試並判斷傳輸至 HTTP Location標頭中用戶端的絕對 URI 是否與目前的 uri 不同,以及新的預期 uri 為何RedirectLocation IsRequestBeingRedirected轉移至將會是。Use the IsRequestBeingRedirected property with the RedirectLocation property to test and determine whether the absolute URI that is transmitted to the client in the HTTP Location header is different than the current URI and what the new intended URI that is being transferred to will be.