Control.LoadViewState(Object) Control.LoadViewState(Object) Control.LoadViewState(Object) Control.LoadViewState(Object) Method


將檢視狀態資訊從 SaveViewState() 方法所儲存的上一個網頁要求還原。Restores view-state information from a previous page request that was saved by the SaveViewState() method.

 virtual void LoadViewState(System::Object ^ savedState);
protected virtual void LoadViewState (object savedState);
abstract member LoadViewState : obj -> unit
override this.LoadViewState : obj -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub LoadViewState (savedState As Object)


Object Object Object Object

Object,表示所要還原的控制項狀態。An Object that represents the control state to be restored.


下列範例會覆寫LoadViewState自訂 ASP.NET 伺服器控制項的方法。The following example overrides the LoadViewState method for a custom ASP.NET server control. 它會建立Object陣列,包含傳遞中的檢視狀態資訊savedState參數,然後再呼叫基底實作LoadViewState陣列的第一個索引位置的方法。It creates an Object array to contain the view state information passed in the savedState parameter, and then calls the base implementation of the LoadViewState method for the first index location of the array. 它會指派給名為的變數,接下來的兩個索引位置所儲存的值UserTextPasswordText分別。It assigns the values stored at the next two index locations to variables named UserText and PasswordText, respectively.

protected override void LoadViewState(object savedState) 
   if (savedState != null)
      // Load State from the array of objects that was saved at ;
      // SavedViewState.
      object[] myState = (object[])savedState;
      if (myState[0] != null)
      if (myState[1] != null)
         UserText = (string)myState[1];
      if (myState[2] != null)
         PasswordText = (string)myState[2];
Protected Overrides Sub LoadViewState(savedState As Object)
   If Not (savedState Is Nothing) Then
      ' Load State from the array of objects that was saved at ;
      ' SavedViewState.
      Dim myState As Object() = CType(savedState, Object())
      If Not (myState(0) Is Nothing) Then
      End If
      If Not (myState(1) Is Nothing) Then
         UserText = CStr(myState(1))
      End If
      If Not (myState(2) Is Nothing) Then
         PasswordText = CStr(myState(2))
      End If
   End If
End Sub


這個方法主要供.NET Framework 基礎結構,並不是直接從您的程式碼使用。This method is used primarily by the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. 不過,控制項開發人員可以覆寫這個方法,以指定的自訂伺服器控制項如何還原其檢視狀態。However, control developers can override this method to specify how a custom server control restores its view state. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 < ASP.NET 狀態管理概觀For more information, see ASP.NET State Management Overview.