ControlBuilder.InDesigner Property


傳回值,指出 ControlBuilder 是否在設計工具中執行。Returns whether the ControlBuilder is running in the designer.

 property bool InDesigner { bool get(); };
protected bool InDesigner { get; }
member this.InDesigner : bool
Protected ReadOnly Property InDesigner As Boolean

Property Value


如果 ControlBuilder 是在設計工具中執行,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the ControlBuilder is running in the designer; otherwise, false.


下列範例會在呼叫 NeedsTagInnerText 方法時,使用 InDesigner 屬性。The following example uses the InDesigner property when the NeedsTagInnerText method is called. 當控制項已附加此產生器時,NeedsTagInnerText 方法會判斷控制項是否在設計階段透過設計工具存取。When a control has this builder attached to it, the NeedsTagInnerText method determines whether the control is being accessed at design-time through a designer. NeedsTagInnerText 會傳回 InDesigner 屬性的值,然後呼叫 SetTagInnerText 方法。The NeedsTagInnerText returns the value of the InDesigner property, and then the SetTagInnerText method is called. 如果 InDesigner 屬性設為 false,則會擲回 ExceptionIf the InDesigner property is set to false, an Exception is thrown. 否則,會在 SetTagInnerText 呼叫上傳回控制項的內部文字。Otherwise, the inner text of the control is returned on the SetTagInnerText call.

public sealed class MyControlControlBuilder : ControlBuilder
    private string _innerText;

    public override bool NeedsTagInnerText()
        return InDesigner;

    public override void SetTagInnerText(string text)
        if (!InDesigner)
            throw new Exception("The control is not in design mode.");
            _innerText = text;
<AspNetHostingPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, _
  Level:=AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Minimal)> _
Public NotInheritable Class MyControlControlBuilder
  Inherits ControlBuilder
    Private _innerText As String
    Overrides Public Function NeedsTagInnerText() As Boolean
      Return InDesigner
    End Function
    Overrides Public Sub SetTagInnerText(ByVal text As String)        
       If InDesigner = False
         Throw New System.Exception("The control is not in design mode.")
         _innerText = text
       End If
    End Sub
End Class

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