LabelAutoFitStyles 列舉


指定使用 LabelAutoFitStyle 屬性時,對標籤自動進行的樣式變更。Specifies style changes that can automatically be made to a label when the LabelAutoFitStyle property is used.

此列舉具有 FlagsAttribute 個屬性允許以位元方式合併其成員值。

public enum class LabelAutoFitStyles
public enum LabelAutoFitStyles
type LabelAutoFitStyles = 
Public Enum LabelAutoFitStyles


DecreaseFont 2

標籤字型會縮小。Label font can be decreased.

IncreaseFont 1

標籤字型會放大。Label font can be increased.

LabelsAngleStep30 8

標籤可以透過每次增加 30 度的方式來調整角度:0、30、60 和 90。Labels can be angled in 30 degree steps: 0, 30, 60 and 90.

LabelsAngleStep45 16

標籤可以透過每次增加 45 度的方式來調整角度:0、45 和 90。Labels can be angled in 45 degree steps: 0, 45, and 90.

LabelsAngleStep90 32

標籤可以透過每次增加 90 度的方式來調整角度:0 和 90。Labels can be angled in 90 degree steps: 0 and 90.

None 0

不允許任何標籤變更。No label changes are allowed.

StaggeredLabels 4

標籤可以交錯放置。Labels can be staggered.

WordWrap 64

標籤可以自動換行。Labels can be word wrapped.


LabelAutoFitStyles列舉代表標籤字型或方向的變更, 可以自動進行, 以便讓標籤沿著軸調整。The LabelAutoFitStyles enumeration represents the changes to the font or orientation of labels that can be automatically made to enable labels to fit along the axis.