IFilterResolutionService IFilterResolutionService IFilterResolutionService IFilterResolutionService Interface


提供設計工具開發人員可以用來依名稱評估裝置篩選條件之介面。Provides an interface that designer developers can use to evaluate device filters by name.

public interface class IFilterResolutionService
public interface IFilterResolutionService
type IFilterResolutionService = interface
Public Interface IFilterResolutionService


網頁開發人員和控制項作者不會使用IFilterResolutionService介面。Page developers and control authors do not use the IFilterResolutionService interface. IFilterResolutionService介面是由設計工具開發人員所執行, 可在設計工具環境中剖析和保存控制項時, 提供裝置篩選器相關的服務。The IFilterResolutionService interface is implemented by designer developers to provide device filter-related services when parsing and persisting controls in the designer environment.

IFilterResolutionService設計工具開發人員需要支援篩選的屬性編輯時, 會使用此介面。The IFilterResolutionService interface is used when a designer developer needs to support the editing of filtered properties.

IFilterResolutionService介面是控制項在設計工具環境中使用裝置篩選器的特定。The IFilterResolutionService interface is specific to controls' use of device filters in a designer environment. 當控制項在瀏覽器要求內容外剖析或保存在設計工具環境中時, IFilterResolutionService介面會提供方法來判斷目前的控制項是否受到命名篩選的影響, 以及命名的篩選是否為的一部分。特定裝置篩選階層。When controls are parsed or persisted in the designer environment outside the context of a browser request, the IFilterResolutionService interface provides a way to determine whether the current control is affected by a named filter and whether a named filter is part of a specific device-filter hierarchy.

HttpCapabilitiesBase 類別會實作 IFilterResolutionService 介面。The HttpCapabilitiesBase class implements the IFilterResolutionService interface.


CompareFilters(String, String) CompareFilters(String, String) CompareFilters(String, String) CompareFilters(String, String)

傳回值,指出兩個指定的裝置篩選條件之間是否有父子關係。Returns a value indicating whether a parent-child relationship exists between two specified device filters.

EvaluateFilter(String) EvaluateFilter(String) EvaluateFilter(String) EvaluateFilter(String)

傳回值,指出指定的篩選條件是否為目前篩選條件物件的型別。Returns a value indicating whether the specified filter is a type of the current filter object.