Page.FrameworkInitialize Page.FrameworkInitialize Page.FrameworkInitialize Page.FrameworkInitialize Method


根據頁面的宣告式性質,在頁面產生期間初始化控制項樹狀結構。Initializes the control tree during page generation based on the declarative nature of the page.

 override void FrameworkInitialize();
protected override void FrameworkInitialize ();
override this.FrameworkInitialize : unit -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub FrameworkInitialize ()


FrameworkInitialize方法會初始化Page物件,並建立根據宣告式性質的頁面控制項樹狀結構。The FrameworkInitialize method initializes the Page object and creates the control tree based on the declarative nature of the page. FrameworkInitialize方法會覆寫的頁面剖析和程式碼產生Page宣告式網頁類別。The FrameworkInitialize method is overridden by the page parsing and code generation for the Page class for a declarative page. 一般情況下,您應該不會透過覆寫這個方法的需要。Ordinarily, you should not over need to override this method. 如果覆寫時,務必呼叫基底類別的FrameworkInitialize方法。If overriding, be sure to call the base class's FrameworkInitialize method.