Page.IsCrossPagePostBack Page.IsCrossPagePostBack Page.IsCrossPagePostBack Page.IsCrossPagePostBack Property


取得值,指出頁面是否包含在跨網頁回傳中。Gets a value indicating whether the page is involved in a cross-page postback.

 property bool IsCrossPagePostBack { bool get(); };
public bool IsCrossPagePostBack { get; }
member this.IsCrossPagePostBack : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsCrossPagePostBack As Boolean


如果頁面參與跨網頁要求,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the page is participating in a cross-page request; otherwise, false.


ASP.NET 提供兩種機制從一頁將控制權傳輸至另一個。ASP.NET provides two mechanisms for transferring control from one page to another. 您可以使用Transfer方法傳送處理之間的頁面,或您可以藉由指定的頁面 URL 提出跨網頁要求PostBackUrl實作按鈕控制項的屬性IButtonControl介面。You can use the Transfer method to transfer processing between pages, or you can make a cross-page request by assigning a page URL to the PostBackUrl property of a button control that implements the IButtonControl interface.

在任一情況下,PreviousPage頁面屬性會包含物件,表示上一個 」 或 「 訂閱者 頁面。In either case, the PreviousPage page property will contain an object that represents the previous or originator page. 如果頁面的比方說,會張貼到頁面乙,頁面的IsCrossPagePostBack屬性 (可透過存取PreviousPage屬性) 會true和頁面 BPreviousPage屬性會有頁面 a 的名稱If, for example, Page A posts to Page B, Page A's IsCrossPagePostBack property (accessible through the PreviousPage property) will be true and Page B's PreviousPage property will have the name of Page A.