BorderStyle BorderStyle BorderStyle BorderStyle Enum


指定控制項的框線樣式。Specifies the border style of a control.

public enum class BorderStyle
public enum BorderStyle
type BorderStyle = 
Public Enum BorderStyle


Dashed Dashed Dashed Dashed 3

虛線框線。A dashed line border.

Dotted Dotted Dotted Dotted 2

點線框線。A dotted line border.

Double Double Double Double 5

雙實線框線。A double solid line border.

Groove Groove Groove Groove 6

凹陷框線外觀的溝槽框線。A grooved border for a sunken border appearance.

Inset Inset Inset Inset 8

凹陷控制項外觀的嵌入框線。An inset border for a sunken control appearance.

None None None None 1

無框線。No border.

NotSet NotSet NotSet NotSet 0

未設定框線樣式。No set border style.

Outset Outset Outset Outset 9

凸起控制項外觀的外圍框線。An outset border for a raised control appearance.

Ridge Ridge Ridge Ridge 7

凸起框線外觀的脊狀框線。A ridged border for a raised border appearance.

Solid Solid Solid Solid 4

實線框線。A solid line border.


BorderStyle列舉表示控制項的不同框線樣式選項。The BorderStyle enumeration represents the different border style options for a control.

框線的寬度是藉由使用BorderWidth WebControl類別的屬性來控制。The width of the border is controlled by using the BorderWidth property of the WebControl class.


使用雙重樣式時, 您指定的框線寬度必須至少為3圖元寬, 以容納兩行和之間的空格。When using the Double style, the border width you specify must be at least 3 pixels wide to accommodate both lines and the space in between.