DataPagerField.QueryStringValue 屬性


從要求的 URL 取得查詢字串欄位的值。Gets the value of the query string field from the URL of the request.

 property System::String ^ QueryStringValue { System::String ^ get(); };
protected string QueryStringValue { get; }
member this.QueryStringValue : string
Protected ReadOnly Property QueryStringValue As String


查詢字串欄位的值。The value of the query string field.


當屬性不是空字串或null時, DataPager控制項會使用 HTTP GET 命令來流覽頁面。 DataPager.QueryStringFieldWhen the DataPager.QueryStringField property is not an empty string or null, the DataPager control uses the HTTP GET command to navigate through the pages. 包含名稱/值組的查詢字串欄位會加入至頁面的 URL。A query string field that consists of a name/value pair is added to the URL of the page. QueryStringValue屬性會從要求的 URL 抓取查詢字串欄位的值。The QueryStringValue property retrieves the value of the query string field from the URL of the request. QueryStringValue屬性包含要求的頁碼。The QueryStringValue property contains the requested page number.

此屬性是由NumericPagerFieldNextPreviousPagerField page 欄位用來評估所要求資料頁的第一筆記錄的索引。This property is used by the NumericPagerField and NextPreviousPagerField pager fields to evaluate the index of the first record for the page of data requested. DataPager控制項的頁面屬性接著會更新。The page properties of the DataPager control are then updated.