PageCatalogPart.ToolTip 屬性


呈現 PageCatalogPart 控制項時,設定的 Web 組件控制項不會使用這個繼承屬性。This inherited property is not used by the Web Parts control set when rendering a PageCatalogPart control. 覆寫此屬性的目的只是不要讓它出現在 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 設計工具中。The property is overridden only for the purpose of preventing it from appearing in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 designer tools.

 virtual property System::String ^ ToolTip { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public override string ToolTip { get; set; }
member this.ToolTip : string with get, set
Public Overrides Property ToolTip As String



包含工具提示內容的字串。A string that contains the content of a ToolTip.



ToolTip屬性(做為控制項的成員 PageCatalogPart )不會用於呈現控制項的 Web 組件控制項集合內的任何位置。The ToolTip property, as a member of the PageCatalogPart control, is not used anywhere within the Web Parts control set for rendering the control. 因此,您不應該使用這個屬性;設定它不會影響呈現。Therefore, you should not use this property; setting it has no effect on rendering.

若要防止開發人員使用此屬性,請在其上設定程式碼屬性,以將它隱藏在 Visual Studio 中。To prevent developers from using this property, code attributes are set on it to hide it in Visual Studio. 當您 PageCatalogPart 在 Visual Studio 中使用控制項時,屬性 ToolTip 不會顯示在 [屬性] 窗格或 IntelliSense 中。When you work with a PageCatalogPart control in Visual Studio, the ToolTip property is not visible in the Properties pane or IntelliSense.

如果您想要使用此屬性,您必須建立繼承自類別的自訂類別 CatalogPartIf you want to use this property, you need to create a custom class that inherits from the CatalogPart class. 自訂類別可以使用繼承的 ToolTip 屬性,或覆寫它並變更其行為。The custom class can either use the inherited ToolTip property as it is, or override it and change its behavior.

這個屬性無法由佈景主題或樣式表主題設定。This property cannot be set by themes or style sheet themes. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 ThemeableAttributeASP.NET 主題和外觀For more information, see ThemeableAttribute and ASP.NET Themes and Skins.