AccessibleObject.IAccessible.accSelection 屬性


取得可存取物件的選定子物件。Gets the selected child objects of an accessible object. 如需這個成員的說明,請參閱 accSelectionFor a description of this member, see accSelection.

property System::Object ^ Accessibility::IAccessible::accSelection { System::Object ^ get(); };
object Accessibility.IAccessible.accSelection { get; }
 ReadOnly Property accSelection As Object Implements IAccessible.accSelection


可存取物件的選定子物件。The selected child objects of an accessible object.



下表描述 IAccessible.accSelection 屬性傳回的物件類型。The following table describes the object types that the IAccessible.accSelection property returns

類型Type 說明Description
null 未選取任何子物件。No child objects are selected.
IAccessible 選取的子系可存取物件。The child accessible object that is selected.
integerinteger 識別已選取之可存取物件的子識別碼。The child ID that identifies the accessible object that is selected. 使用父系 IAccessible 和子系識別碼來存取可存取的物件。Use the parent IAccessible and the child ID to access the accessible object.
IEnumVARIANT 已選取之子物件的清單。A list of child objects that are selected.

這個成員是明確介面成員實作,This member is an explicit interface member implementation. 只有在 AccessibleObject 執行個體轉換成 IAccessible 介面時,才能使用這個成員。It can be used only when the AccessibleObject instance is cast to an IAccessible interface.