DataGridViewCell.ReadOnly DataGridViewCell.ReadOnly DataGridViewCell.ReadOnly DataGridViewCell.ReadOnly Property


取得或設定值,指出是否可以編輯儲存格的資料。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the cell's data can be edited.

 virtual property bool ReadOnly { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public virtual bool ReadOnly { get; set; }
member this.ReadOnly : bool with get, set
Public Overridable Property ReadOnly As Boolean


如果儲存格的資料無法編輯,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the cell's data cannot be edited; otherwise, false.


設定此屬性時,沒有主控資料列。There is no owning row when setting this property.


設定此屬性時,會共用主控資料列。The owning row is shared when setting this property.


ReadOnly屬性會指出是否可以編輯儲存格所顯示的資料。The ReadOnly property indicates whether the data displayed by the cell can be edited. 您可以針對ReadOnly個別資料格設定,或者您可以藉由DataGridViewRow.ReadOnly設定或DataGridViewColumn.ReadOnly屬性,將資料格的整個資料列或資料行設為唯讀。You can set ReadOnly for individual cells, or you can make an entire row or column of cells read-only by setting the DataGridViewRow.ReadOnly or DataGridViewColumn.ReadOnly properties. 根據預設,如果資料格的父資料列或資料行設定為唯讀,子資料格就會採用相同的值。By default, if a cell's parent row or column is set to read-only, the child cells will adopt the same value. 您可以藉由設定ReadOnly個別資料格,來覆寫這個預設行為。You can override this default behavior by setting ReadOnly for individual cells.

您可以導覽至唯讀儲存格,而且可以將唯讀儲存格設定為目前的儲存格。You can navigate to a read-only cell, and you can set a read-only cell to be the current cell.

ReadOnly只會影響儲存格是否可編輯;這不會影響使用者是否可以刪除資料列。ReadOnly only affects whether a cell is editable; it does not affect whether the user can delete rows.