InputManager.PostProcessInput 事件


發生於 PreNotifyInput 處理常式完成輸入處理之後。Occurs after the PreNotifyInput handlers have finished processing the input.

 event System::Windows::Input::ProcessInputEventHandler ^ PostProcessInput;
[add: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
[remove: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public event System.Windows.Input.ProcessInputEventHandler PostProcessInput;
member this.PostProcessInput : System.Windows.Input.ProcessInputEventHandler 
Public Custom Event PostProcessInput As ProcessInputEventHandler 


篩選器是接聽 PreProcessInputPostProcessInput的任何程式碼。A filter is any code that listens to PreProcessInput or PostProcessInput. 篩選器可以修改輸入暫存區域。Filters can modify the input staging area.

附加至 PostProcessInput 的處理常式會以相反順序叫用,以便在系統中的處理常式之前叫用使用者加入的處理常式。The handlers attached to PostProcessInput are invoked in reverse order so that handlers added by the users are invoked before handlers in the system.

輸入會在下列階段的 WPFWPF 中進行處理:Input is processed in WPFWPF in the follow stages:

  1. 前置處理階段。Pre-process stage. 輸入管理員會引發 PreProcessInput 事件。The input manager raises the PreProcessInput event.

  2. 預先通知階段。Pre-notify stage. 輸入管理員會引發 PreNotifyInput 事件。The input manager raises the PreNotifyInput event.

  3. 會引發 WPFWPF 輸入事件或事件。The WPFWPF input event or events are raised.

  4. 通知後階段。Post-notify stage. 輸入管理員會引發 PostNotifyInput 事件。The input manager raises the PostNotifyInput event.

  5. 後置處理階段。Post-process stage. 輸入管理員會引發 PostProcessInput 事件。The input manager raises the PostProcessInput event.


用於加入或移除事件處理常式。for adding or removing an event handler. 相關聯的列舉: UnrestrictedAssociated enumerations: Unrestricted