ClockController.Resume 方法


啟用先前暫停的 Clock 以繼續進行。Enables a Clock that was previously paused to resume progressing.

 void Resume();
public void Resume ();
member this.Resume : unit -> unit
Public Sub Resume ()


Clock不論目前的狀態為何, 您都可以暫停或繼續, 而暫停或繼續時鐘並不會變更其目前的狀態。You can pause or resume a Clock regardless of its current state, and pausing or resuming a clock does not change its current state. 時鐘可以在、 Active StoppedFilling時暫停。A clock can be paused while Active, Stopped, or Filling. 繼續已暫停的時鐘的唯一方式是使用Resume方法。The only way to resume a paused clock is by using the Resume method. 繼續計時會隱含地繼續其子系。Resuming a clock implicitly resumes its children. 在未暫停的時鐘上呼叫這個方法不會有任何作用。Calling this method on a clock that is not paused has no effect.

繼續暫停的時鐘會觸發CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated事件。Resuming a paused clock triggers the CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated event.