XmlSchemaSet.IsCompiled 屬性


取得值,指出是否已編譯 XmlSchemaSet 中的 XML 結構描述定義語言 (XSD) 結構描述。Gets a value that indicates whether the XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas in the XmlSchemaSet have been compiled.

 property bool IsCompiled { bool get(); };
public bool IsCompiled { get; }
member this.IsCompiled : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsCompiled As Boolean


如果上次從 true 加入或移除結構描述之後,已編譯 XmlSchemaSet 中的結構描述,則為 XmlSchemaSet,否則為 falsetrue if the schemas in the XmlSchemaSet have been compiled since the last time a schema was added or removed from the XmlSchemaSet; otherwise, false.


如需 IsCompiled 屬性的範例,請參閱 Reprocess 方法。For an example of the IsCompiled property, see the Reprocess method.


如果結構描述是在 IsCompiled 時編輯的,則 XmlSchemaSet 屬性不受影響。The IsCompiled property is not affected if schemas are edited while in the XmlSchemaSet. 也不會追蹤 XmlSchemaSet 中個別結構描述的更新。Updates of the individual schemas in the XmlSchemaSet are not tracked. 因此,即使 IsCompiled 中的其中一個結構描述已變更,只要未在 true 中加入或移除結構描述,XmlSchemaSet 屬性就可為 XmlSchemaSetAs a result, the IsCompiled property can be true even though one of the schemas contained in the XmlSchemaSet has been altered, as long as no schemas were added or removed from the XmlSchemaSet.