ADO.NET 中的 SQL Server 資料作業SQL Server Data Operations in ADO.NET

本節說明 .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server (System.Data.SqlClient) 特有的 SQL Server 特性和功能。This section describes SQL Server features and functionality that are specific to the .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server (System.Data.SqlClient).

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在 SQL Server 中執行大量複製作業Bulk Copy Operations in SQL Server
說明 .NET Data Provider for SQL Server 的大量複製功能。Describes the bulk copy functionality for the .NET Data Provider for SQL Server.

Multiple Active Result Set (MARS)Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)
說明從不同命令啟動 SqlDataReader 的每個執行個體時,如何在一個連接上開啟多個 SqlDataReaderDescribes how to have more than one SqlDataReader open on a connection when each instance of SqlDataReader is started from a separate command.

非同步作業Asynchronous Operations
說明如何使用在 .NET Framework 所使用之非同步模型之後所建立的 API 模型,來執行非同步資料庫作業。Describes how to perform asynchronous database operations by using an API that is modeled after the asynchronous model used by the .NET Framework.

資料表值參數Table-Valued Parameters
說明如何使用 SQL Server 2008 所導入的資料表值參數。Describes how to work with table-valued parameters, which were introduced in SQL Server 2008.

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