Intune 教育版與 Intune 完整裝置管理體驗的差異為何?How is Intune for Education different from the full device management experience in Intune?


Intune 教育版可讓老師和學生提高生產力,同時保護學校資料。Intune for Education enables your teachers and students to be productive while protecting your school's data. Intune 是以雲端為基礎的企業行動管理 (EMM) 服務,是 Intune 教育版的基礎。Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) service that is the foundation for Intune for Education.

Intune 教育版主控台可對比 Intune 主控台。

Intune 教育版可讓您使用 Intune 中完整的 MDM 功能管理 Windows 10 和 iOS 裝置。Intune for Education lets you manage Windows 10 and iOS devices using the full MDM capabilities available in Intune. 完整裝置管理體驗可讓您管理 Windows、iOS 及 Android 裝置。The full device management experience lets you manage Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Intune 教育版本身可單獨使用,或搭配 Intune 中可用的完整裝置管理體驗使用。Intune for Education can be used by itself, or in harmony with the full device management experience available in Intune. 也可以搭配 Microsoft 教育提供的其餘工具一起使用,這可讓您輕鬆地使用 Intune 教育版搭配其他 Microsoft 有用的教育性工具。It can also be used alongside the rest of the tools available in Microsoft Education, which makes it easy for you to use Intune for Education with other useful educational tools from Microsoft.

使用 Intune 和 Intune 教育版兩者,您可以︰With both Intune and Intune for Education, you can:

  • 管理員工與學生用來存取資料的行動裝置。Manage the mobile devices your staff and students use to access data.
  • 管理使用者每天存取的行動應用程式。Manage the mobile apps your users access every day.
  • 藉由協助控制使用者存取並共用組織資訊的方式,保護組織資訊。Protect your organizational information by helping to control the way your users access and share it.
  • 確保裝置和應用程式都符合安全性需求。Ensure devices and apps are compliant with security requirements.

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