Microsoft Intune 字彙Microsoft Intune glossary

了解在 Microsoft Intune 中使用之通用字詞的定義。Learn the definitions of common terms used throughout Microsoft Intune.


應用程式指派App assignment 可讓使用者尋找、下載及安裝他們需要的應用程式。Lets users find, download, and install the apps they need. 這先前稱為應用程式部署This was previously known as app deployment.
應用程式組態設定檔App configuration profile

應用程式設定原則App configuration policy
適用於具有廠商特定設定的 Mobile Apps。Available to mobile apps with vendor-specific configurations. 在執行之前使用特定設定,設定 iOSAndroid 應用程式。Configures an iOS or Android app with specific settings before it runs.
應用程式監視App monitoring 可讓您檢閱與應用程式指派相關的最近狀態和活動Lets you review recent status and activity related to app assignment.
應用程式保護資料移除工作App protection data removal task 從使用者的裝置中移除應用程式資料Removes app data from the user's device.
應用程式保護原則App protection policy 適用於與 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) 技術整合的 Mobile Apps。Available to mobile apps that integrate with Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) technologies. 可確保使用者的應用程式符合您的公司資料保護原則Ensures that user's apps are compliant with your company data protection policies.
App SDKApp SDK Microsoft Intune App SDK 可讓您將功能新增至內部撰寫的應用程式,讓 Intune 應用程式保護原則可以管理它們。The Microsoft Intune App SDK lets you add functionality to your in-house written apps that enables them to be managed by Intune app protection policies.
應用程式解除安裝動作App uninstall action 可讓您從使用者的裝置解除安裝應用程式Lets you uninstall apps from user's devices.
App Wrapping ToolApp Wrapping Tool 建立企業營運應用程式包裝函式的命令列應用程式,可讓 Intune 應用程式保護原則對其進行管理。A command-line application that creates a wrapper around a line-of-business app, letting it be managed by an Intune app protection policy.
指派動作Assignment action 指派應用程式時所進行的選擇。A choice you make when you assign an app. 您可以選擇將應用程式安裝設為必要 (必須)、選擇性 (可用),也可以解除安裝應用程式。You can choose to make the app installation mandatory (required), optional (Available), or you can uninstall the app.
可用安裝Available install 使用這個動作指派應用程式時,應用程式會顯示在公司入口網站中,而且使用者可以隨需安裝When you assign an app with this action, it is displayed in the company portal, and users can install it on demand.
Azure 入口網站Azure Portal 閱讀更多 Intune 全新主控台。The new console for Intune Read more.


BYODBYOD 攜帶您自己的裝置Bring your own device. 使用者可以在裝置上安裝 Intune 公司入口網站應用程式,然後進行註冊,以存取公司資源 (例如電子郵件、公司應用程式、公司資料和支援)。Users can install the Intune Company Portal app on their device and then enroll it, gaining access to company resources like email, company apps, company data, and support.


憑證設定檔Certificate profile 當您使用 Wi-Fi、電子郵件或 VPN 設定檔時,可以使用這個原則類型,透過憑證安全存取公司資源You use this policy type to secure access to corporate resources with certificates when you use Wi-Fi, email, or VPN profiles.
CODCOD 根據組織需求和所管理裝置的類型,可以透過數種方式註冊公司擁有的裝置Company owned devices can be enrolled in numerous ways, depending upon the needs of the organization and the types of devices being managed.
公司入口網站Company Portal 可供使用者存取公司資料和應用程式的應用程式或網站。An app or a website that provides users with access to company data and apps.
相容性原則Compliance policy 確定裝置符合特定規則 (例如使用 PIN 存取裝置),以及裝置上所儲存資料的加密。Makes sure that the devices comply with certain rules like using a PIN to access the device, and encryption of data stored on the device.
符合規定及不符合規定的應用程式Compliant and noncompliant apps 這些設定是裝置限制設定檔的一部分,可讓您定義使用者可以執行或無法執行的應用程式清單。Part of a device restriction profile, these settings let you define a list of apps that users can, or cannot run. 然後,Intune 會通知您,透過Intune then informs you via. 已安裝不相容應用程式的報表,或執行報表。reports that a noncompliant app was installed, or run. 對於某些平台,Intune 也可以封鎖安裝不相容的應用程式。For some platforms, Intune can also block install of a noncompliant app.
條件式存取Conditional access 允許存取公司電子郵件、Office 365 和其他服務,而這些項目僅來自與您所設定之規則相容的裝置。Allows access to company email, Office 365, and other services only from devices that are compliant with rules you set.
自訂原則Custom policy 一般組態原則未包含符合您需求的內建設定時,請使用這些原則You use these policies when a general configuration policy does not contain a built-in setting that meets your needs. 您可以使用自訂原則,透過其他方式 (例如 Apple Configurator 或 OMA-URI) 建立設定。You might be able to use a custom policy to create a setting by other means like the Apple Configurator, or OMA-URI.


部署Deployment 將應用程式或原則傳送至所管理裝置或使用者的動作。The act of sending an app or a policy to a device or user you manage. 這個動作現在又稱為指派This action is now known as assign.
裝置註冊管理員Device enrollment manager 組織可以搭配使用 Intune 與單一使用者帳戶來管理大量的行動裝置。Organizations can use Intune to manage large numbers of mobile devices with a single user account. 裝置註冊管理員 (DEM) 帳戶是特殊 Intune 帳戶,最多可以註冊 1,000 部裝置。The device enrollment manager (DEM) account is a special Intune account that can enroll up to 1,000 devices.
裝置設定檔Device profiles 這些設定檔可讓您在所管理的裝置上設定各種不同的安全性、功能和存取設定。These profiles let you configure a wide range of security, feature, and access settings on devices you manage.


電子郵件設定檔Email profile 這個原則可以用來設定行動裝置上的電子郵件存取設定,以將終端使用者必須執行的設定量減到最少。This policy can be used to set up email access settings for on mobile devices, minimizing the amount of setup the end user must do.
EMSEMS Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (之前為 Enterprise Mobility Suite) 會保護公司資料,同時讓使用者存取應用程式和其所需的內容Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (formerly Enterprise Mobility Suite) keeps your company data protected while enabling your users to access the apps and content they need.
終端使用者End user 使用 Intune 管理之手機和電腦這類裝置的使用者Users of devices like phones and PCs that are managed using Intune.
註冊Enroll Microsoft Intune 使用註冊來管理裝置,並允許其存取資源。Microsoft Intune uses enrollment to bring devices into management and allow access to resources.


FastTrackFastTrack 適用於合格方案中具有 150 個授權之 Intune 使用者的 Microsoft 服務A Microsoft service for Intune users with 150 licenses in an eligible plan. Microsoft 專家可使用這項服務與您合作,來啟動並執行 Intune。Using this service, Microsoft specialists can work with you to get up and running with Intune.


群組Groups 群組可讓您邏輯收集使用者或裝置Groups let you logically collect together users or devices. 例如,您可以建立所有 Windows 電腦的群組。For example, you might create a group of all Windows PCs. 然後,您可以將應用程式和設定檔指派給這些群組。You can then assign apps and profiles to these groups.


混合式Hybrid 可以透過 System Center Configuration Manager 主控台管理使用 Intune 所註冊之裝置的設定。A configuration where you can manage devices that are enrolled with Intune through the System Center Configuration Manager console.


Azure 入口網站Azure portal 用於大部分 Intune 管理作業的 Azure 入口網站。The Azure portal you use for most Intune management operations.
Intune 軟體用戶端Intune software client 管理某些 Windows 電腦的另一種方式,協助您決定該使用何種方法。An alternative way of managing some Windows PCs for help deciding which method to use.
Intune 軟體發行者Intune Software Publisher 用來定義您要部署的應用程式並將它們上傳至雲端儲存空間的一種工具。A tool you use to define apps you want to deploy and upload them to your cloud storage space.
清查Inventory 用來檢視所管理裝置上安裝的硬體和軟體Use to view the hardware of, and the software installed on devices you manage.


Kiosk 模式Kiosk mode 設定為裝置限制設定檔的一部分,這個模式可讓您鎖定裝置。Configured as part of a device restriction profile, this mode lets you lock down devices. 例如,您可以設定零售裝置只能執行某些應用程式。For example, you could configure a retail device to only allow some apps to run.


Managed BrowserManaged Browser 一個網頁瀏覽應用程式,您可以在組織中使用 Intune 來指派此應用程式。A web browsing application that you can assign in your organization by using Intune. Managed Browser 原則會設定允許清單或封鎖清單,以限制 Managed Browser 的使用者可瀏覽的網站。A managed browser policy configures an allow list or a block list that restricts the websites that users of the managed browser can visit.
MDM 授權單位MDM authority MDM 授權單位會定義有權管理一組裝置的管理服務。The MDM authority defines the management service that has permission to manage a set of devices. MDM 授權單位選項包括單獨使用 Intune,以及具備 Intune 的 Configuration Manager。The options for the MDM authority include Intune by itself and Configuration Manager with Intune.
行動應用程式組態原則Mobile app configuration policy 適用於具有廠商特定設定的行動應用程式。Available to mobile apps with vendor-specific configurations. 例如,一個 iOSAndroid 原則,用來在執行時提供相容應用程式的設定 (例如公司名稱或伺服器位址)。For example, an iOS or Android policy that is used to supply settings to compatible apps when they are run, for example, a company name, or server address.
行動應用程式佈建原則Mobile app provisioning policy 一個 iOS 原則,可協助您確定所指派 iOS 應用程式的佈建設定檔未過期。An iOS policy that helps you ensure that provisioning profiles for iOS apps you assign do not expire.
行動應用程式管理Mobile application management 行動應用程式管理 (MAM) 可讓您針對使用者發行、推送、設定、保護、監視和更新 Mobile Apps。Mobile application management (MAM) lets you publish, push, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps for your users.
行動裝置管理Mobile device management 行動裝置管理 (MDM) 可讓您在 Intune 中註冊裝置,以佈建、設定、監視和管理這些裝置。Mobile device management (MDM) lets you enroll devices in Intune so that you can provision, configure, monitor, and manage those devices.


OMA-DMOMA-DM Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (開放行動裝置聯盟裝置管理)。Open Mobile Alliance Device Management. 一種業界標準裝置管理通訊協定,許多硬體製造商可用來控制行動裝置和電腦的功能。An industry standard device management protocol used by many hardware manufacturers to enable control of features of mobile devices and PCs.
OMA-URIOMA-URI 開放行動裝置聯盟統一資源識別碼。Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier. 這些項目可識別符合 OMA-DM 標準的個別裝置設定。These items identify individual device settings that conform to the OMA-DM standard. 沒有內建設定符合需求時,這些設定可以用於 Intune 自訂設定檔The settings can be used in Intune custom profiles when there is no built-in setting to meet your needs.


密碼重設Passcode reset 一種 Intune 功能,可讓您強制終端使用者在支援的裝置上重設密碼An Intune feature that lets you force the end user to reset the passcode on supported devices.


遠端鎖定Remote lock 這是一種 Intune 功能,讓您即使未擁有裝置,也能鎖定支援的裝置An Intune feature that lets you lock supported devices, even if you do not possess the device.
必要安裝Required install 當您使用這個動作指派應用程式時,不需要使用者介入即可完成安裝。When you assign an app with this action, user intervention is not required to complete the installation. 在某些平台上,終端使用者可能必須接受安裝)。On some platforms, the end user might have to accept the installation).


選擇性抹除Selective wipe 選擇性抹除只會從裝置移除由應用程式保護原則所保護的公司資料,包括設定和電子郵件設定檔。A selective wipe removes only company data protected by app protection policy including settings and email profiles from a device. 選擇性抹除會將使用者的個人資料保留在裝置上。Selective wipe leaves the user's personal data on the device.
側載Sideloading 安裝企業營運應用程式,而不需要從應用程式市集中存取的動作。The action of installing a line-of-business app without accessing it from an app store.
訂用帳戶Subscription 您為了存取 Intune 租用戶所簽訂的合約。The agreement you enter that allows you to access an Intune tenant.


TeamViewerTeamViewer 一個協力廠商應用程式,可搭配 Intune 來為您使用 Intune 管理的 Android 裝置提供遠端協助功能A third-party application that works with Intune to provide remote assistance capabilities for Android device that you manage with Intune.
租用戶Tenant 您可以使用訂用帳戶存取之 Intune 服務的單一執行個體。A single instance of the Intune service you can access with a subscription.
條款及條件Terms and conditions 一種指派給使用者的原則類型,包含使用者必須閱讀並接受的資訊,才能使用公司入口網站來註冊和存取其工作。A policy type you assign to users that contains information users must read and accept before they can use the Company Portal to enroll and access their work.


大量採購應用程式與書籍Volume-purchased apps and books 針對您想要在公司內使用的應用程式或書籍,某些應用程式市集可讓您購買多個授權。Some app stores give you the ability to purchase multiple licenses for an app or book that you want to use in your company. Intune 可協助您管理透過此類方案所購買的應用程式與書籍。Intune helps you manage apps and books that you purchased through such a program. 您可以從應用程式市集匯入授權資訊、追蹤已經使用的授權數,並避免您所安裝的應用程式超過您所擁有的授權數。You can import the license information from the app store, track how many of the licenses you have used, and prevent yourself from installing more copies of the app than you own.
VPN 設定檔VPN profile 一種原則,可將 VPN 設定指派給所管理的裝置,以將終端使用者所需的任何設定減到最少。A policy that assigns VPN settings to devices you manage, minimizing any setup required for end users.


Wi-Fi 設定檔Wi-Fi profile 一種原則,可將無線網路設定指派給裝置,讓使用者連接至公司網路,而不需要知道或進行任何設定。A policy that assigns wireless network settings to devices to let users connect to your company network without needing to know, or configure any settings.