Azure 入口網站之 Microsoft Intune 的簡介Introduction to Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
您需要傳統入口網站的 Intune 相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? 請移至這裡Go here.

Microsoft Intune 現已在 Azure 入口網站上提供,這意味著您慣用的工作流程及功能現在會有所改變。Microsoft Intune is now in the Azure portal, meaning that the workflows and functionality you are used to are now different. 新的入口網站在 Azure 入口網站中提供新功能及更新功能,您可在其中管理您組織的行動裝置、電腦及應用程式。The new portal offers you new and updated functionality in the Azure portal where you can manage your organization's mobile devices, PCs, and apps.

您可以在此文件庫中找到新入口網站的相關資訊,這項資訊會不斷更新。You can find information about the new portal in this library, and it is continually updated. 您對於這項服務如有任何建議,可在主題評論中留下您的意見反應。If you have suggestions you'd like to see, leave feedback in the topic comments. 我們十分希望您提供您的寶貴意見。We'd love to hear from you.

以下是新版服務的一些重點摘要︰Highlights of the new experience include:

  • 所有 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) (EMS) 元件全部整合在同一主控台內An integrated console for all your Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) components
  • 主控台採用符合網路標準的 HTMLAn HTML-based console built on web standards
  • Microsoft Graph API 可用於自動化許多動作Microsoft Graph API support to automate many actions
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) 群組可為所有 Azure 應用程式提供相容性Azure Active Directory (AD) groups to provide compatibility across all your Azure applications
  • 支援時下絕大多數的現代化網頁瀏覽器Support for most modern web browsers

開始之前Before you start

若要使用 Azure 入口網站的 Intune ,必須具備 Intune 系統管理員與租用戶帳戶。To use Intune in the Azure portal, you must have an Intune admin and tenant account. 如果您還沒有帳戶,請註冊帳戶Sign up for an account if you don't already have one.

Azure 入口網站支援的網頁瀏覽器Supported web browsers for the Azure portal

Azure 入口網站可以在時下絕大多數的電腦、 Mac 與平板電腦上執行 。The Azure portal runs on most modern PCs, Macs, and tablets. 不支援行動電話。Mobile phones are not supported. 目前支援的瀏覽器包括:Currently, the following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge (最新版本)Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari (最新版本,僅限 Mac)Safari (latest version, Mac only)
  • Chrome (最新版本)Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (最新版本)Firefox (latest version)

如需所支援瀏覽器的最新資訊,請參閱 Azure 入口網站Check the Azure portal for the latest information about supported browsers.

本文件庫內容What's in this library?

為方便您尋找所需的資訊,此文件採用 Azure 入口網站的配置。The documentation reflects the layout of the Azure portal to make it easier to find the information you need.

Azure 入口網站的工作負載

簡介和開始使用Introduction and get started

此小節包含簡介資訊,可以協助您開始使用 Intune。This section contains introductory information that helps you get started using Intune.

規劃和設計Plan and design

可協助您計劃和設計 Intune 環境的資訊。Information to help you plan and design your Intune environment.

裝置註冊Device enrollment

如何將您的裝置交付 Intune 管理How to get your devices managed by Intune.

裝置合規性Device compliance

定義裝置的合規性層級,並回報所有不符合規範的裝置Define a compliance level for your devices, then report any devices that are not compliant.

裝置設定Device configuration

了解您可用於在您管理之裝置上進行設定及功能的各種設定檔Understand the profiles you can use to configure settings and features on devices you manage.


透過清查與報表了解您所管理的裝置Get to know the devices you manage with inventory and reports.

行動裝置應用程式Mobile apps

如何發行、管理、設定和保護應用程式How to publish, manage, configure, and protect apps.

條件式存取Conditional access

依據您指定的條件,限制對 Exchange 服務的存取Restrict access to Exchange services depending on conditions you specify.

內部部署存取On-premises access

設定 Exchange ActiveSync 和 Exchange 內部部署的存取Configure access to Exchange ActiveSync, and Exchange on-premises


了解您管理之裝置的使用者,並將資源整理歸入群組Learn about the users of devices you manage and sort resources into groups.


了解如何搭配 Intune 使用 Azure Active Directory 群組Learn about how you can use Azure Active Directory groups with Intune

Intune 角色Intune roles

控制可以執行各種 Intune 動作的使用者,以及這些動作的適用對象Control who can perform various Intune actions, and who those actions apply to. 您可以利用涵蓋一些常見 Intune 案例的內建角色,或建立自己的角色。You can either use the built-in roles that cover some common Intune scenarios, or you can create your own roles.

軟體更新Software updates

了解如何為 Windows 10 裝置設定軟體更新Learn about how to configure software updates for Windows 10 devices.

新功能What's new?

Intune 的新功能Find out what's new in Intune.