Lync Server 2013 的經驗品質 (QoE) Quality of Experience (QoE) in Lync Server 2013


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經驗品質 (QoE) 會記錄數字資料,指出有關通話與工作階段中所包含參與者、裝置名稱、驅動程式、IP 位址和端點類型的媒體品質和資訊。Quality of Experience (QoE) records numeric data that indicates the media quality and information about participants, device names, drivers, IP addresses, and endpoint types involved in calls and sessions. 當您安裝 Lync Server 2013 時,也會為 QoE 安裝通用設定的預先定義集合。When you install Lync Server 2013, you will also install a predefined collection of global configuration settings for QoE. 請使用本節中的主題來設定 QoE 設定。Use the topics in this section to configure QoE settings.