ComboBox.Value 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.Value property (Access)

會決定或指定為選取的值或下拉式方塊中的選項。Determines or specifies which value or option in the combo box is selected. 讀取/寫入 VariantRead/write Variant.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


會在 Value 屬性是設控制項的文字方塊部分中的文字。The Value property is set to the text in the text box portion of the control. 這可能有或可能不是控制項的 Text 屬性的設定相同。This may or may not be the same as the setting for the Text property of the control. Text 屬性目前的設定是在下拉式方塊; 的文字方塊部分中顯示的內容 Value 屬性已設定 文字 屬性設定只會儲存此文字之後。The current setting for the Text property is what is displayed in the text box portion of the combo box; the Value property is set to the Text property setting only after this text is saved.

會在 Value 屬性會傳回或設定控制項的預設屬性是沒有明確地指定屬性名稱時所假設的屬性。The Value property returns or sets a control's default property, which is the property that is assumed when you don't explicitly specify a property name.


[!注意事項] Value 屬性不是 DefaultValue 屬性,這會指定在建立新的記錄時指派屬性的值相同。The Value property is not the same as the DefaultValue property, which specifies the value that a property is assigned when a new record is created.

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