ComboBox.Width 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.Width property (Access)

取得或設定指定之物件的寬度以twip 為單位Gets or sets the width of the specified object in twips. 可讀寫的 IntegerRead/write Integer.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


報表控制項,您可以在列印或預覽只能透過使用巨集或事件程序在區段的 OnFormat 事件屬性設定所指定的報表時設定 Width 屬性。For report controls, you can set the Width property when you print or preview a report only by using a macro or an event procedure specified in a section's OnFormat event property setting.

啟動列印程序之後,您無法設定物件的這個屬性。You can't set this property for an object after the print process has started.

Microsoft Access 會自動設定Width屬性當您建立控制項的大小時或大小的視窗中表單設計檢視或報表設計檢視的時。Microsoft Access automatically sets the Width property when you create or size a control or when you size a window in form Design view or report Design view.

表單和報表的寬度尤其框線內部量起。The width of forms and reports is measured from the inside of their borders. 控制項的寬度是從框線的中央測量的如此不同框線寬度的控制項才能正確地對齊。The width of controls is measured from the center of their borders so that controls with different border widths align correctly.

在 [版面設定] 對話方塊,可以選擇 [檔案] 功能表上的 [版面設定] 設定為表單和報表的邊界。The margins for forms and reports are set in the Page Setup dialog box, available by choosing Page Setup on the File menu.

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