AutoCorrect 物件 (Excel Graph)AutoCorrect object (Excel Graph)

包含 Graph AutoCorrect 屬性 (大寫大寫、 校正的兩個起始大寫字母、 自動校正清單等等)。Contains Graph AutoCorrect attributes (capitalization of names of days, correction of two initial capital letters, automatic correction list, and so on).


使用**AutoCorrect** 屬性可傳回AutoCorrect物件。Use the AutoCorrect property to return the AutoCorrect object.


下列範例會設定 Graph 設為校正以兩個起始大寫字母開頭的單字。The following example sets Graph to correct words that begin with two initial capital letters.

With myChart.Application.AutoCorrect 
 .TwoInitialCapitals = True 
 .ReplaceText = True 
End With

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