ColorScale.SetLastPriority 方法 (Excel)ColorScale.SetLastPriority method (Excel)

設定此設定格式化條件規則的評估順序,以便在工作表上的所有其他規則之後評估。Sets the evaluation order for this conditional formatting rule so that it is evaluated after all other rules on the worksheet.



_運算式_代表**ColorScale** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ColorScale object.


實際的優先順序值會等於工作表上設定格式化條件規則的總數。The actual value of the priority will be equal to the total number of conditional formatting rules on the worksheet. 當您在工作表上有多個設定格式化條件規則時,這個方法會導致鎖優先順序值大於此規則會減少一個規則的優先順序。When you have multiple conditional formatting rules on a worksheet, this method will cause the priority of rules that had a priority value greater than this rule to be decreased by one.


設定格式化條件規則的優先順序層級會以工作表層級為基礎套用。Priority levels for conditional formatting rules are applied on a worksheet-level basis.

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