Filters 物件 (Excel)Filters object (Excel)

Filter 物件的集合,代表自動篩選範圍中的所有篩選。A collection of Filter objects that represents all the filters in an autofiltered range.


使用AutoFilter物件的 [篩選] 屬性可傳回Filters集合。Use the Filters property of the AutoFilter object to return the Filters collection. 下列範例會建立一份清單,其中包含 Crew 工作表上自動篩選範圍中各項篩選的準則及運算子。The following example creates a list that contains the criteria and operators for the filters in the autofiltered range on the Crew worksheet.

Dim f As Filter 
Dim w As Worksheet 
Const ns As String = "Not set" 
Set w = Worksheets("Crew") 
Set w2 = Worksheets("FilterData") 
rw = 1 
For Each f In w.AutoFilter.Filters 
 If f.On Then 
 c1 = Right(f.Criteria1, Len(f.Criteria1) - 1) 
 If f.Operator Then 
 op = f.Operator 
 c2 = Right(f.Criteria2, Len(f.Criteria2) - 1) 
 op = ns 
 c2 = ns 
 End If 
 c1 = ns 
 op = ns 
 c2 = ns 
 End If 
 w2.Cells(rw, 1) = c1 
 w2.Cells(rw, 2) = op 
 w2.Cells(rw, 3) = c2 
 rw = rw + 1 

使用篩選器(索引),其中_index_是篩選器標題或索引編號,可以傳回單一的Filter物件。Use Filters (index), where index is the filter title or index number, to return a single Filter object. 下列範例會將變數設定為 Crew 工作表上篩選範圍中第一欄篩選的 On 屬性值。The following example sets a variable to the value of the On property of the filter for the first column in the filtered range on the Crew worksheet.

Set w = Worksheets("Crew") 
If w.AutoFilterMode Then 
 filterIsOn = w.AutoFilter.Filters(1).On 
End If


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