Top10.CalcFor 屬性 (Excel)Top10.CalcFor property (Excel)

會傳回或設定**XlCalcFor** 列舉,指定應該評估在樞紐分析表報表中的條件化格式的方式的常數之一。Returns or sets one of the constants of the XlCalcFor enumeration, which specifies how the conditional format in a PivotTable report should be evaluated.



_運算式_代表**Top10** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a Top10 object.


只有將條件化格式套用到樞紐分析報表資料時,才能使用此屬性。This property is applicable only when the conditional format is being applied to data in a PivotTable report.

ScopeType 屬性設定為xlFieldsScope時,才,此屬性可以設定為xlAllValuesxlColGroupsxlRowGroupsThis property can be set to xlAllValues, xlColGroups, or xlRowGroups only if the ScopeType property is set to xlFieldsScope.

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