XlBarShape 列舉 (Excel)XlBarShape enumeration (Excel)

會指定用於 3D 橫條圖或直條圖的圖案。Specifies the shape used with the 3D bar or column chart.

名稱Name Value 描述Description
xlBoxxlBox 00 方塊。Box.
xlConeToMaxxlConeToMax 55 圓錐圖,截斷值Cone, truncated at value.
xlConeToPointxlConeToPoint 44 圓錐圖,指向值Cone, coming to point at value.
xlCylinderxlCylinder 33 圓柱圖。Cylinder.
xlPyramidToMaxxlPyramidToMax 22 金字塔圖,截斷值Pyramid, truncated at value.
xlPyramidToPointxlPyramidToPoint 11 金字塔圖,指向值Pyramid, coming to point at value.

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