Frame 屬性(Outlook 表單腳本)Frame.Caption Property (Outlook Forms Script)

會傳回或設定出現在物件上,用來識別或描述該物件的 StringReturns or sets a String that appears on an object to identify or describe it. 可讀寫的。Read/write.



_運算式_代表Frame物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a Frame object.


控制項的預設標題是以控制項類型為基礎的唯一名稱。The default caption for a control is a unique name based on the type of control. 例如,CommandButton1 是表單中第一個命令按鈕的預設標題。For example, CommandButton1 is the default caption for the first command button in a form.

如果控制項的標題過長,標題便會被截斷。If a control's caption is too long, the caption is truncated. 如果表單的標題比標題列長太多,標題便會以省略符號顯示。If a form's caption is too long for the title bar, the title is displayed with an ellipsis.

控制項的 ForeColor 屬性決定標題文字的色彩。The ForeColor property of the control determines the color of the text in the caption.

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