Application.ResourceAddressBook 方法(專案)Application.ResourceAddressBook method (Project)

會顯示與 MAPI 相容的通訊錄,使用者可以在其中選取專案的資源。Displays a MAPI-compliant address book from which the user can select resources for the project.


expressionexpression. ResourceAddressBook

expression 代表 Application 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents an Application object.

傳回值Return value



ResourceAddressBook 方法是只能在資源檢視。The ResourceAddressBook method is available only in resource views. 如果沒有可用的電子郵件設定檔,Project 會顯示一則訊息,說明如何建立設定檔。If no email profile is available, Project displays a message that explains how to create a profile.

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