VisGeomFlags 列舉 (Visio)VisGeomFlags enumeration (Visio)

傳遞至Row物件的方法,取得及放置頂點陣列,例如GetPolylineData旗標。Flags to pass to methods of the Row object that get and put vertex arrays, such as GetPolylineData.

常數Constant Value 描述Description
visGeomExcludeLastPointvisGeomExcludeLastPoint 1 (&H1)1 (&H1) 資料中不包含最後一個點 (列中的 X 和 Y 儲存格)The last point (the X and Y cells in the row) is not included in the data.
visGeomWHPctvisGeomWHPct 16 (&H10)16 (&H10) X 和 Y 值為寬度和高度的百分比The X and Y values are percentages of width and height.
visGeomXYLocalvisGeomXYLocal 32 (&H20)32 (&H20) X 和 Y 值會在繪圖中的本機內部單位。The X and Y values are local, internal units in the drawing.

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