TransitionPeriod 屬性TransitionPeriod property

指定持續時間,以毫秒為單位的切換效果。Specifies the duration, in milliseconds, of a transition effect.


物件TransitionPeriod[=]object.TransitionPeriod [= Long ]

TransitionPeriod屬性語法具有以下幾個部分:The TransitionPeriod property syntax has these parts:

部分Part 描述Description
物件object 必要。Required. 有效物件。A valid object.
LongLong 選用。Optional. 需要多少時間才能完成從某頁面轉換到另一個。How long it takes to complete the transition from one page to another.


從 0 到 10000 的任何整數都是有效的設定,此屬性。Any integer from zero to 10000 is a valid setting for this property. TransitionPeriod屬性設為零會停用這種切換效果;設定TransitionPeriod為 10000 建立 10 秒的轉換。Setting the TransitionPeriod property to zero disables the transition effect; setting TransitionPeriod to 10000 creates a 10-second transition.

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