Power BI 報表伺服器版本資訊Power BI Report Server release notes

本主題描述的 Power BI 報表伺服器的限制與問題。This topic describes limitations and issues with Power BI Report Server.

若要下載 Power BI 報表伺服器,以及針對 Power BI 報表伺服器最佳化的 Power BI Desktop,請移至使用 Power BI 報表伺服器的內部部署報表To download Power BI Report Server, and Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server, go to On-premises reporting with Power BI Report Server.

2017年 10 月October 2017

  • Power BI 報表中已匯入資料的支援Support for imported data in Power BI reports
  • 在入口網站內檢視 Excel 活頁簿的能力。Ability to view excel workbooks within the web portal. 這是透過設定 Office Online Server 所完成。This is done by configuring Office Online Server.
  • 新 Power BI 資料表和矩陣視覺效果的支援。Support for the new Power BI table and matrix visuals.
  • REST API 支援REST API support

2017 年 6 月June 2017

  • 2017 年 6 月沒有新項目。No new items for June 2017.

2017 年 5 月May 2017

  • Power BI 報表必須使用針對 Power BI 報表伺服器最佳化的 Power BI Desktop 建立,才能與 Power BI 報表伺服器搭配使用。Power BI reports must be created with Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server in order to work with Power BI Report Server. 您可以從此頁面頂端的 [下載] 連結來下載 Power BI Desktop。You can download Power BI Desktop from the download link at the top of this page.
  • Power BI 報表僅支援即時連接至 Analysis Services (表格式或多維度)。Power BI Reports only support live connections to Analysis Services (tabular or multidimensional).
  • 不支援 R 視覺效果。No support for R visuals.

問題和客戶影響︰如果您在相同電腦上同時有 SQL Server Reporting Services 和 Power BI 報表伺服器,並解除安裝其中一個,您將無法再使用報表伺服器組態管理員連接至其餘的報表伺服器。Issue and customer impact: If you have both SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI Report Server on the same machine and uninstall one of them, you will no longer be able to connect to the remaining report server with Report Server Configuration Manager.

因應措施:若要解決此問題,您必須在解除安裝其中一個伺服器之後執行下列作業。Workaround To work around this issue, you must perform the following operations after uninstalling one of the servers.

  1. 以系統管理員模式啟動命令提示字元。Launch a command prompt in Administrator mode.
  2. 移至剩餘的報表伺服器安裝所在的目錄。Go to the directory where the remaining report server is installed.

    Power BI 報表伺服器的預設位置︰C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report ServerDefault location for Power BI Report Server: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server

    SQL Server Reporting Services 的預設位置︰C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting ServicesDefault location for SQL Server Reporting Services: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

  3. 然後移至下一個資料夾。Then go to the next folder. 這會是 SSRSPBIRS,取決於剩餘的項目。This will either be SSRS or PBIRS depending on what is remaining.
  4. 移至 [WMI] 資料夾。Go to the WMI folder.
  5. 執行下列命令:Run the following command:

    regsvr32 /i ReportingServicesWMIProvider.dll

    如果看到下列錯誤,可予以忽略。You can ignore the following error, if you see it.

    The module "ReportingServicesWMIProvider.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DLLInstall was not found. Make sure that "ReportingServicesWMIProvider.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again.

後續步驟Next steps

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