Power BI 報表伺服器的新功能What's new in Power BI Report Server

了解 Power BI 報表伺服器的新功能。Learn about what's new in Power BI Report Server. 其涵蓋主要功能範圍,並會隨著新項目發行而更新。This covers the major feature areas and is updated as new items are released.

若要下載 Power BI 報表伺服器,以及針對 Power BI 報表伺服器最佳化的 Power BI Desktop,請移至使用 Power BI 報表伺服器的內部部署報表To download Power BI Report Server, and Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server, go to On-premises reporting with Power BI Report Server.

提示如需目前的版本資訊,請參閱 Power BI 報表伺服器版本資訊tip For the current release notes, see Power BI Report Server - Release notes.

如需相關的「新功能」資訊,請參閱︰For related "What's New" information, see:

2017 年 10 月版本October 2017 release

Power BI 報表資料來源Power BI report data sources

Power BI 報表伺服器中的 Power BI 報表可以連線到各種資料來源。Power BI reports in Power BI Report Server can connect to a variety of data sources. 您可以匯入資料及排程資料重新整理,或使用 DirectQuery 或即時連線到 SQL Server Analysis Services,直接進行查詢。You can import data and schedule data refresh, or query it directly using DirectQuery or a live connection to SQL Server Analysis Services. 請參閱支援排程重新整理的資料來源清單,以及支援「Power BI 報表伺服器中 Power BI 報表資料來源」中 DirectQuery 的資料來源清單。See the list of data sources that support scheduled refresh and those that support DirectQuery in "Power BI report data sources in Power BI Report Server".

針對匯入的資料排程資料重新整理Scheduled data refresh for imported data

在 Power BI 報表伺服器中,您可以設定排程資料重新整理,讓 Power BI 報表中的資料保持與內嵌模型的最新狀態,而不是即時連線或 DirectQuery。In Power BI Report Server, you can set up scheduled data refresh to keep data up to date in Power BI reports with an embedded model rather than a live connection or DirectQuery. 您使用內嵌模型來匯入資料,所以會與原始資料來源中斷連線。With an embedded model you import the data, so it's disconnected from the original data source. 它必須更新以將資料保持在最新狀態,排程重新整理是執行此作業的一種方式。It needs to be updated to keep the data fresh, and scheduled refresh is the way to do that. 深入了解「Power BI 報表伺服器中 Power BI 報表的排程重新整理」。Read more about "scheduled refresh for Power BI reports in Power BI Report Server".

編輯來自伺服器的 Power BI 報表Editing Power BI reports from the server

您可以從伺服器開啟和編輯 Power BI 報表 (.pbix) 檔案,但是您會回到您上傳的原始檔案。You can open and edit Power BI report (.pbix) files from the server, but you get back the original file you uploaded. 這表示如果資料已由伺服器重新整理,當您第一次開啟檔案時,不會重新整理資料This means if the data has been refreshed by the server, the data won’t be refreshed when you first open the file. 您必須手動在本機重新整理,才能看到變更。You need to manually refresh it locally to see the change.

大型檔案上傳/下載Large file upload/download

您可以上傳最大 2 GB 大小的檔案,但是預設情況下,在 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 的報表伺服器設定中,這項限制設為 1 GB。You can upload files up to 2 GB in size, though by default this limit is set to 1 GB in the Report Server settings in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 這些檔案會儲存在資料庫中,如同適用於 SharePoint 一般,不需要 SQL Server 目錄的特殊設定。These files are stored in the database just as they are for SharePoint, and no special configuration for the SQL Server catalog is required.

存取共用資料集作為 OData 摘要Accessing shared datasets as OData feeds

您可以從 Power BI Desktop 使用 OData 摘要存取共用資料集。You can access shared datasets from Power BI Desktop with an OData feed. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱在 Power BI 報表伺服器中存取共用資料集作為 OData 摘要For more information, see Accessing shared datasets as OData feeds in Power BI Report Server.


這個版本支援相應放大。使用負載平衡器並設定伺服器親和性,以獲得最佳體驗。This release supports scale-out. Use a load-balancer and set server affinity for the best experience. 請注意,案例尚未針對相應放大最佳化,因此您會看到模型可能會在多個節點之間複寫。Note that the scenario is not yet optimized for scale-out, so you'll see models potentially replicated across multiple nodes. 沒有網路負載平衡器和黏性工作階段,案例也能夠運作。The scenario will work without the Network Load Balancer and sticky sessions. 不過,您不只會看到因為模型載入 N 次導致記憶體跨節點過度使用,也會看到因為每次模型在要求之間觸及新節點都會串流,導致連線之間的效能變慢。However, you'll not only see an over-use of memory across nodes as the model is loaded N times, but performance will slow in between connections as the model is streamed as it hits a new node in between requests.

系統管理員設定Administrator settings

系統管理員可以在伺服器陣列的 SSMS 進階屬性中設定下列屬性:Administrators can set the following properties in SSMS Advanced Properties for the server farm:

  • EnableCustomVisuals:True/FalseEnableCustomVisuals: True/False
  • EnablePowerBIReportEmbeddedModels:True/FalseEnablePowerBIReportEmbeddedModels: True/False
  • EnablePowerBIReportExportData:True/FalseEnablePowerBIReportExportData: True/False
  • MaxFileSizeMb:預設值現在為 1000MaxFileSizeMb: Default is now 1000
  • ModelCleanupCycleMinutes:檢查以從記憶體收回模型的頻率ModelCleanupCycleMinutes: How often it checks to evict models from memory
  • ModelExpirationMinutes:根據上一次的使用,模型到期和收回之前還有多少時間ModelExpirationMinutes: How long until model expires and is evicted, based on last time used
  • ScheduleRefreshTimeoutMinutes:模型的資料重新整理需要多少時間。ScheduleRefreshTimeoutMinutes: How long data refresh can take for a model. 預設為兩小時。By default, this is two hours. 沒有硬性上限。There is no hard upper limit.

設定檔 rsreportserver.configConfig file rsreportserver.config


開發人員 APIDeveloper API

針對 SSRS 2017 引進的開發人員 API (REST API) 已針對 Power BI 報表伺服器擴充,以與 Excel 檔案和 .pbix 檔案搭配運作。The developer API (REST API) introduced for SSRS 2017 has been extended for Power BI Report Server to work with both Excel files and .pbix files. 一個可能的使用案例是以程式設計方式從伺服器下載檔案、重新整理,然後重新發佈。One potential use case is to programmatically download files from the server, refresh them, and then republish them. 舉例來說,這是重新整理 Excel 活頁簿與 PowerPivot 模型的唯一方式。This is the only way to refresh Excel workbooks with PowerPivot models, for example.

請注意,對於大型檔案有一個新的個別 API,它會在 Power BI 報表伺服器版本的 Swagger 中更新。Note that there is a new separate API for large files, which will be updated in the Power BI Report Server version of Swagger.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 和 Power BI 報表伺服器記憶體使用量SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and the Power BI Report Server memory footprint

Power BI 報表伺服器現在於內部裝載 SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)。Power BI Report Server now hosts SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) internally. 這不是排程重新整理特有的。This isn't specific to scheduled refresh. 裝載 SSAS 會大幅擴充報表伺服器記憶體使用量。Hosting SSAS can greatly expand the report server memory footprint. AS.ini 設定檔可以在伺服器節點上使用,因此如果您熟悉 SSAS,也許會想要更新設定,包括最大記憶體限制和磁碟快取等等。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Analysis Services 中的伺服器屬性The AS.ini configuration file is available on the server nodes, so if you're familiar with SSAS, you may want to update the settings, including maximum memory limit and disk caching etc. See Server properties in Analysis Services for details.

檢視 Excel 活頁簿並與之互動Viewing and interacting with Excel workbooks

Excel 和 Power BI 包含產業中特有的工具組合。Excel and Power BI contain a portfolio of tools that is unique in the industry. 此外,它們可讓商務分析師更輕鬆地收集、塑形、分析並以視覺化方式探索其資料。Together, they enable business analysts to more easily gather, shape, analyze, and visually explore their data. 除了在入口網站中檢視 Power BI 報表之外,商務使用者現在也可以在 Power BI 報表伺服器中執行與 Excel 活頁簿相同的作業,讓他們有一個位置可以發佈和檢視其自助 Microsoft BI 內容。In addition to viewing Power BI reports in the web portal, business users can now do the same with Excel workbooks in Power BI Report Server, giving them a single location to publish and view their self-service Microsoft BI content.

我們已發佈如何將 Office Online Server (OOS) 新增至 Power BI 報表伺服器 Preview 環境的逐步解說We’ve published a walkthrough of how to add Office Online Server (OOS) to your Power BI Report Server preview environment. 具有大量授權帳戶的客戶可以免費從大量授權服務中心下載 OOS,並且具有僅限檢視功能。Customers with a Volume Licensing account can download OOS from the Volume License Servicing Center at no cost and will have view-only functionality. 設定之後,使用者可以檢視 Excel 活頁簿,並與之互動,而 Excel 活頁簿:Once configured, users can view and interact with Excel workbooks that:

  • 沒有任何外部資料來源相依性Have no external data source dependencies
  • 即時連線至外部 SQL Server Analysis Services 資料來源Have a live connection to an external SQL Server Analysis Services data source
  • 具有 PowerPivot 資料模型Have a PowerPivot data model

新資料表和矩陣視覺效果的支援Support for new table and matrix visuals

Power BI 報表伺服器現在支援新的 Power BI 資料表和矩陣視覺效果。Power BI Report Server now supports the new Power BI table and matrix visuals. 若要使用這些視覺效果來建立報表,您需要 2017 年 10 月版本的已更新 Power BI Desktop 版本。To create reports with these visuals, you will need an updated Power BI Desktop release for the October 2017 release. 它無法與 Power BI Desktop (2017 年 6 月) 版本並存安裝。It can't be installed side-by-side with the Power BI Desktop (June 2017) release. 如需最新版本的 Power BI Desktop,請在 Power BI 報表伺服器下載分頁上選取 [進階下載選項]。For the latest version of Power BI Desktop, on the Power BI Report Server download page, select Advanced download options.

2017 年 6 月June 2017

  • Power BI 報表伺服器正式推出 (GA)。Power BI Report Server made generally available (GA).

2017 年 5 月May 2017

  • Power BI 報表伺服器預覽版已正式運作Power BI Report Server Preview made available
  • 可在內部發行 Power BI 報表Ability to publish Power BI reports on-premises
    • 支援自訂視覺效果Suppport for custom visuals
    • Analysis Services 即時連線的支援必須等待更多資料來源。Support for Analysis Services live connections only with more data sources to come.
    • Power BI 行動裝置應用程式已更新,以顯示 Power BI 報表伺服器裝載的 Power BI 報表Power BI Mobile app updated to display Power BI reports hosted in Power BI Report Server
  • 增強報表中使用註解的共同作業Enhanced collaboration in reports with comments

後續步驟Next steps

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安裝報表產生器Install Report Builder
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