SDS 即將提供哪些新功能?What's Coming to SDS?

以下請尋找功能和增強功能清單中用於 SDS 的開發。Below please find a list of features and enhancements in development for SDS. 一旦功能已啟動,它會精選在我們的「 What's New 」 頁面Once a feature has launched, it will be featured on our "What's New" page

即將推出的功能Upcoming Feature 功能描述Feature Description
父連絡人同步處理Parent Contact Sync
SDS 將開始提供同步處理到 Azure AD 與 csv 所啟動的父系/守護者身分識別選項。SDS will begin providing an option to sync Parent/Guardian identities to Azure AD starting with CSVs. 父項/守護將會同步為連絡人,以利基本的電子郵件通訊,以同步處理的父系/守護者外部電子郵件地址。Parents/Guardians will be synchronized as contacts, to facilitate basic email communication to the Parent/Guardian external email address synced. 父代也會連結到學生,啟用應用程式使用透過 Microsoft 教育版 Api 學生關聯的父代。The parents will also be linked to the student, enabling applications to consume the parent and student association via the Microsoft Education APIs.
OneNote 類別筆記本建立從 SDS 群組OneNote Class Notebook Creation from SDS groups
SDS 將開始建立可用於內 OneNote 類別筆記本建立精靈簡化匯入及建立 CNBs 更有效率的縮放比例的群組。SDS will begin creating groups that can be used within the OneNote Class Notebook Creation Wizard for simplified import and creation of CNBs at a more efficient scale.
更新] 區段中使用情況報告Updated Section Usage Report
SDS 將會更新一節使用情況報告,簡化若要讓報表更多的使用者易記資料及新增數個關鍵資訊可容易管理您大量的類別。SDS will update the Section Usage Report, simplifying the verbiage to make the report more user friendly and adding several key pieces of information which make it easier to manage your classes in bulk. 我們也會新增兩個新的欄位,以協助區段相關報告、 疑難排解,並清除。We will also add two new fields to help with Section related Reporting, Troubleshooting, and Cleanup.
教育目錄檢視器的更新Updates to the EDU Directory viewer
SDS 將分成兩個新頁面,人員與群組的 [組織] 頁面。SDS will split the Organization page into two new pages, People and Groups. 這是更新式的使用者介面,在 Office 365 系統管理中心中找到的熟悉體驗更接近對齊。This is a more modern UI, aligned closer to the familiar experience found in the Office 365 Admin Center. 在 [新的人員] 頁面上,您會看到所有學生、 教師和 sds 同步處理到 Office 365 的父代。Under the new People page, you will see all the Students, Teacher, and Parents synced into Office 365 by SDS. 在 [群組] 檢視中,您將能夠看到所有學校、 類別及安全性群組建立及同步處理至 Office 365 透過 SDS。Under the Groups view, you will be able to see all the Schools, Classes, and Security Groups you created and synced to Office 365 through SDS. 也是以快速找出教育物件和屬性,您正在尋找,簡化疑難排解同步處理的簡單搜尋及篩選窗格。There is also a simple search and filter pane to quickly find the EDU objects and attributes you're looking, simplifying sync troubleshooting.