School Data Sync 會包含什麼?What's Coming to School Data Sync?

下面請尋找功能和增強功能的清單中開發學校資料同步處理。一旦功能已啟動,將精選我們"的新功能 」 頁面Below please find a list of features and enhancements in development for School Data Sync. Once a feature has launched, it will be featured on our "What's New" page

即將推出的功能Upcoming Feature 功能描述Feature Description
Microsoft 流程及 SDSMicrosoft FLOW and SDS
學校資料同步處理連接器將很快就可以在 Microsoft 流程。The School Data Sync Connector will soon be available on Microsoft FLOW. 客戶可以使用 Microsoft 流程,在雲端,UI 根據工作流程建立者自動化次的 CSV 檔案的上傳。Customers will be able to use Microsoft FLOW, a UI based workflow creator in the cloud, to automate the upload of CSV files for syncing. 這會取代 Powershell 型 SDS Toolkit CSV 上傳流程並使用本機電腦上的排程的工作排程上傳。This will replace the Powershell-based SDS Toolkit CSV upload flow and use scheduled tasks on the local computer to schedule the uploads. 流程範本將會提供,用以將啟用自動化幾個簡單的步驟中的上傳 SDS 連接器。A FLOW template will be provided that will use the SDS Connector to enable automating the upload in a few simple steps.
SDS 課程群組SDS Course Groups
SDS 可讓新的功能可讓 IT 系統管理員建立課程 (英文) 群組。SDS will enable a new feature which allows IT admins to create course groups. 當變更會同步處理會更新課程 (英文) 群組的成員資格。Course group memberships will update as changes are synced. 所有老師與學生與課程相關聯將會都包含群組中。All teachers and students associated with the course will be included in the group. 請注意安全性群組成員資格的其他使用者則不會隱藏。Please note that security group memberships will not be hidden from other users. 請參閱此連結如需詳細資訊。See this link for more details.
父 Identity 同步處理Parent Identity Sync
SDS 會開始提供選項來同步處理至開頭 CSVs Azure AD 的父/守護者身分識別。SDS will begin providing an option to sync Parent/Guardian identities to Azure AD starting with CSVs. 父項/守護會以促進基本的電子郵件通訊同步處理的父/守護者外部電子郵件地址的連絡人同步處理。Parents/Guardians will be synchronized as contacts, to facilitate basic email communication to the Parent/Guardian external email address synced. 父項也要連結到學生啟用應用程式使用透過 Microsoft 教育 Api 的父項與 student 關聯性。The parents will also be linked to the student, enabling applications to consume the parent and student association via the Microsoft Education APIs.
OneNote 類別筆記本建立從 SDS 群組OneNote Class Notebook Creation from SDS groups
SDS 會開始建立可用於內 OneNote 類別筆記本建立精靈建立 CNBs 更有效率的向外延展及簡化的匯入的群組。SDS will begin creating groups that can be used within the OneNote Class Notebook Creation Wizard for simplified import and creation of CNBs at a more efficient scale.
將引進更多 SIS/MIS 的提供者開始使用 OneRoster API 標準 SDSSDS bringing more SIS/MIS providers onboard that use the OneRoster API standard
回 April、 我們即已宣佈三個提供者、 Capita SIM、 ClassLink、 和無限校園現在可以直接與 SDS、 使用 OneRoster API 標準的連接。Back in April, we announced that three providers, Capita SIMS, ClassLink, and Infinite Campus, can now connect directly with SDS, using the OneRoster API standard. 我們很高興聲明我們正在進行多個提供者可用試驗或實際執行中。We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of making more providers available in production or in pilot. 它們包括焦點、 Follett 山楊、 整合教室 (PowerSchool)、 Eventful、 Aeries、 密西根 DataHub、 eSchoolData 及 inLogic。They include Focus, Follett Aspen, Unified Classroom (PowerSchool), Eventful, Aeries,Michigan DataHub, eSchoolData and inLogic.