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這不是 Visual Studio 的最新版本。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio. 若要下載最新版本,請參閱 Visual Studio 2019 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Visual Studio 2019.

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Release Notes Icon Visual Studio 2012 Update 1Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

發行于2012年11月26日released on November 26, 2012

本版新功能What's New in this Release

Windows 開發Windows development

針對 Windows 8 的版本,Visual Studio 2012 加入了新的範本、設計工具,以及測試和偵錯工具,以支援這個新平臺,包括支援使用 Windows 8 模擬器的 Windows Store 應用程式。For the release of Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 added new templates, designers, and testing and debugging tools to support this new platform, including support for Windows Store apps with the Windows 8 Simulator. Update 1 新增了混合模式 (支援 Windows Store 應用程式的受控/原生) 偵錯工具,並支援原生 ARM 傾印的偵錯工具。Update 1 adds support for mixed-mode (managed/native) debugging of Windows Store apps, and support for native ARM dump debugging. 此更新也包含 Windows Phone 8 應用程式的程式碼分析支援。This update also includes code analysis support for Windows Phone 8 apps. 但 Update 1 並不只是新的 Windows 平臺。But Update 1 isn’t just about new Windows platforms. 它也可讓您以 Visual Studio 2012 中的原生 c + + 應用程式為目標的 Windows XP。It also enables you to target Windows XP with native C++ applications in Visual Studio 2012.

SharePoint 開發SharePoint development

在 Update 1 中,我們也投資了擴充我們的 SharePoint 2010 生命週期工具,特別是針對測試和品質保證。With Update 1, we also invested in expanding our lifecycle tools for SharePoint 2010, especially for testing and quality assurance. 您現在可以使用單元測試和自動程式碼 UI 測試來模擬使用者互動,包括用來將 SharePoint 相依性的 Microsoft Fakes 架構。You can now use unit tests and coded UI tests for simulating user interaction, including the Microsoft Fakes Framework to stub out SharePoint dependencies. 負載測試支援可讓您在模擬的負載和網路狀況下,對 SharePoint 應用程式進行壓力測試。Load testing support enables stress testing of SharePoint applications under simulated load and network conditions. 此外,您現在可以使用 IntelliTrace 來捕捉 SharePoint 記錄資訊,為 SharePoint 應用程式提供豐富的分析體驗。In addition, you can now capture SharePoint logging information using IntelliTrace to provide a rich analysis experience for SharePoint applications.

Agile 小組Agile teams

Visual Studio 2012 提供許多新功能,可支援 agile 團隊的工作。Visual Studio 2012 brought a lot of new features to support the work of agile teams. Update 1 以這些改進為基礎,在 Team Foundation Server 的 web 介面中有顯著的可用性改進,以及改善的來源觀賞和比較體驗。Update 1 builds upon these advancements with significant usability improvements in Team Foundation Server’s web interface and a much improved source viewing and diffing experience. Update 1 也包括 Team Foundation Service 中第一次出現之 Team Foundation Server 的功能,例如,與儀表板面板和累計流動圖的支援。Update 1 also includes functionality for Team Foundation Server that first appeared in Team Foundation Service, such as Kanban support with a Kanban board and a cumulative flow diagram. 在 IDE 中,Code Map 可讓您建立和查看相關程式碼的動態視覺效果,以更快速地瞭解並流覽其關聯性。In the IDE, Code Maps enable you to create and view dynamic visualizations of relevant code to understand and navigate its relationships faster.

持續品質Continuous quality

啟用持續品質是 Update 1 的主要焦點區域。Enabling continuous quality is a key focus area of Update 1. 自動化測試的程式碼涵蓋範圍現在可供手動測試,讓您分析在手動測試期間使用的程式碼基底區域。Code coverage for automated tests is now available for manual testing, which enables you to analyze which areas of a code base are used during manual testing. Update 1 也支援跨瀏覽器測試,能夠在 Internet Explorer 中記錄 web 測試,然後在稍後使用大部分的新式瀏覽器來重新執行這些測試。Update 1 also supports cross-browser testing, with the ability to record web tests in Internet Explorer and then later replay them with most modern browsers. 您可以使用 Test Explorer,根據其特性 (測試分類、測試屬性、優先順序和擁有者) 來分組及執行測試。Using Test Explorer, you can group and run tests based on their traits (Test Category, Test Property, Priority, and Owner). 您也可以在 Microsoft Test Manager 中暫停和繼續手動測試會話,並自動建立在探勘測試會話期間執行的所有動作的映射記錄檔。You can also pause and resume manual test sessions in Microsoft Test Manager, and automatically create an image log of all actions performed during an exploratory testing session.

KB2797915: Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 的說明KB2797915: Description of Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

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