Windows 系統映射管理員參考主題Windows System Image Manager Reference Topics

下列主題提供 Windows 系統映射管理員 (Windows SIM) 的相關參考資訊。The following topics provide reference information about Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM).

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元件設定和屬性參考Component Settings and Properties Reference

描述回應檔案的結構,以及元件和設定所使用的屬性和元素。Describes the structure of answer files, along with the attributes and elements that components and settings use.

Windows 系統映像管理員架構Windows System Image Manager Architecture

描述 Windows SIM 的運作方式。Describes how Windows SIM works.

Windows 系統映像管理員支援的平台Windows System Image Manager Supported Platforms

列出可安裝 Windows SIM 的支援平臺。Lists the supported platforms where you can install Windows SIM.

Windows 部署選項Windows Deployment Options

Windows 系統映像管理員技術參考Windows System Image Manager Technical Reference