Windows Server 版本資訊Windows Server release information

Microsoft 已更新其維護模型。Microsoft has updated its servicing model. 半年度管道是每年兩次的功能更新發行,每次發行同時提供 18 個月的維護時間表。The Semi-Annual Channel is a twice-per-year feature update release with 18-month servicing timelines for each release. 本頁面旨在協助您判斷半年度管道發行版本的終止支援日期。This page is designed to help you determine the end of support date for the Semi-Annual Channel releases.

半年度管道為正在加快步調充分利用新作業系統功能,迅速在應用程式 (特別是那些在容器和微服務上建置的應用程式) 和軟體定義的混合式資料中心兩方式創新的客戶提供機會。The Semi-Annual Channel provides opportunity for customers who are innovating quickly to take advantage of new operating system capabilities at a faster pace, both in applications - particularly those built on containers and microservices - and in the software-defined hybrid datacenter. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Windows Server 半年度管道概觀For more information see the Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel overview. 客戶也可以選擇繼續使用長期維護管道版本,這會繼續每隔 2-3 年發行一次。Customers also have the option to continue using the Long-Term Servicing Channel releases, which continue to be released every 2-3 years. 每個長期維護管道版本會有 5 年的主要支援和 5 年的延伸支援。Each Long-Term Servicing Channel release is supported for 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support.

Windows Server 依維護選項列出的最新版本Windows Server current versions by servicing option

Windows Server 版本Windows Server release 版本Version 作業系統組建OS Build 可用性Availability 主要支援結束日期Mainstream support end date 延伸支援結束日期Extended support end date
Windows Server 版本 1803 (半年通道) (Datacenter、Standard)Windows Server, version 1803 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter, Standard) 18031803 17134.1.180410-180417134.1.180410-1804 2018/04/3004/30/2018 2019/11/1211/12/2019 檢閱附註Review note
Windows Server 版本 1709 (半年通道)Windows Server, version 1709 (Semi-Annual Channel) 17091709 16299.1516299.15 2017 年 10 月 17 日10/17/2017 2019 年 4 月 9 日04/09/2019 N/AN/A
Windows Server 2016 (長期維護管道)Windows Server 2016 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) 16071607 14393.014393.0 2016 年 10 月 12 日10/12/2016 2022 年 1 月 11 日01/11/2022 2027/01/1101/11/2027


Windows Server 版本 1803 (半年通道) 受到新式生命週期原則規範。Windows Server, version 1803, Semi-Annual Channel is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. 如需關於維護需求的詳細資料及其他重要資訊,請參閱 Windows 生命週期常見問題Windows Server 半年通道概觀See the Windows Lifecycle FAQ and Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel overview for details regarding servicing requirements and other important information.