DNS 資源記錄管理DNS Resource Record Management

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

本主題提供使用 IPAM 管理 DNS 資源記錄的相關資訊。This topic provides information about managing DNS resource records by using IPAM.


本主題中,除了下列的 DNS 資源使用碼表進行管理主題可在本區段中。In addition to this topic, the following DNS resource record management topics are available in this section.

資源使用碼表進行管理概觀Resource record management overview

在 Windows Server 2016 中的 IPAM 部署時,您可以執行伺服器探索 IPAM 伺服器管理主控台中加入 DHCP 和 DNS 伺服器。When you deploy IPAM in Windows Server 2016, you can perform server discovery to add DHCP and DNS servers to the IPAM server management console. IPAM 伺服器然後動態收集 DNS 資料每 6 個小時的 DNS 伺服器,它設定為從管理。The IPAM server then dynamically collects DNS data every six hours from the DNS servers that it is configured to manage. IPAM 維護本機資料庫它會儲存此 DNS 資料。IPAM maintains a local database where it stores this DNS data. IPAM 為您提供和 server 資料收集,以及告知您的下一天的時間和時間的 DNS 伺服器收集資料時的通知。IPAM provides you with notification of the day and time that the server data was collected, as well as telling you the next day and time when data collection from DNS servers will occur.

下圖黃色狀態列上顯示通知 IPAM 使用者介面位置。The yellow status bar in the following illustration shows the user interface location of IPAM notifications.


DNS 資料收集,包括 DNS 區域和資源使用碼表進行資訊。The DNS data that is collected includes DNS zone and resource record information. 您可以設定 IPAM 收集的您的慣用 DNS 伺服器區資訊。You can configure IPAM to collect zone information from your preferred DNS server. IPAM 收集檔案架構與 Active Directory 區域。IPAM collects both file-based and Active Directory zones.


IPAM 只從加入網域的 Microsoft DNS 伺服器收集資料。IPAM collects data solely from domain-joined Microsoft DNS servers. 第三方 DNS 伺服器及非網域結合的伺服器 IPAM,不支援。Third party DNS servers and non-domain joined servers are not supported by IPAM.

以下是 DNS IPAM 所收集的資源記錄類型的清單。Following is a list of DNS resource record types that are collected by IPAM.

  • AFS 資料庫AFS database

  • ATM 地址ATM Address




  • A 或 AAAA 主機Host A or AAAA

  • 主機資訊Host Information


  • MXMX

  • 伺服器的名稱Name Servers

  • 指標 (PTR)Pointer (PTR)

  • 負責人Responsible person

  • 透過傳送Route Through

  • 位置服務Service Location



  • 文字Text

  • 已知服務Well Known Services



  • X.25X.25

Windows Server 2016 中 IPAM 提供整合 IP 位址庫存、DNS 區域和 DNS 資源記錄:In Windows Server 2016, IPAM provides integration between IP address inventory, DNS Zones, and DNS resource records:

  • 您可以使用 IPAM 自動建置 IP 的 DNS 資源記錄地址清單。You can use IPAM to automatically build an IP address inventory from DNS resource records.

  • 您可以從 DNS A 和 AAAA 資源記錄手動建立 IP 位址清單。You can manually create an IP address inventory from DNS A and AAAA resource records.

  • 您可以檢視 DNS 資源記錄特定 DNS 區域,以及篩選記錄根據類型、IP 位址、資源記錄資料,以及其他篩選的選項。You can view DNS resource records for a specific DNS zone, and filter the records based on type, IP address, resource record data, and other filtering options.

  • IPAM 會自動建立的對應的 IP 位址範圍和 DNS 反向對應的區域。IPAM automatically creates a mapping between IP address ranges and DNS Reverse Look-up Zones.

  • IPAM 建立 PTR 記錄位於反向對應區域,以及該 ip 中包含哪些 IP 位址。IPAM creates IP addresses for the PTR records that are present in the reverse look-up zone and which are included in that IP address range. 如果需要您可以手動修改這個對應。You can also manually modify this mapping if needed.

IPAM 可讓您在執行從 IPAM 主機的資源記錄上的下列操作。IPAM allows you to perform the following operations on resource records from the IPAM console.

  • 建立 DNS 資源記錄Create DNS resource records

  • 編輯 DNS 資源記錄Edit DNS resource records

  • Delete DNS 資源記錄Delete DNS resource records

  • 建立記錄相關的資源Create associated resource records

IPAM 自動登所有 DNS 設定變更,您將使用 IPAM 主機。IPAM automatically logs all DNS configuration changes that you make using the IPAM console.

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