規劃您的部署Plan for your deployment

無論您是將消費者市場還是企業設為目標,成功散發的關鍵在於知道您的部署將哪些裝置設為目標。No matter if you are targeting the consumer market or enterprise, the key to successful distribution is knowing the devices your deployment is targeting. 根據您的目標平台,您會有需要解決的其他相依性。Depending on the platform you are targeting, you may have additional dependencies that need to be resolved. 有些企業公司具有在整個組織散發的單一作業系統。Some enterprise companies have a single operating system distributed through out the organization. 其他公司則具有硬體與作業系統的混合集合。Others have a mixed collection of hardware and operating systems. 為了要在混合環境中成功,請務必建立一個可在所有作業系統上輕鬆安裝的解決方案,同時限制安裝程式技術的變動。In order to be successful in an mixed environment it is important to create a solution that will install easily on all operating systems while limiting the variations in installer technologies.

所有開發人員也需要知道他們想要設為目標的最低支援作業系統。All developers also need to know the minimum supported operating system they want to target. 將作業系統的最低共用分母設為目標,可能會讓您獲得最佳的潛在覆蓋面,但舊版作業系統版本可能不支援用來建置應用程式的特定 API 呼叫。Targeting the lowest common denominator of the operating system, may get you the best potential reach, but often earlier releases of the operating system may not support certain API calls your application is built using.

MSIX 平台支援MSIX Platform Support

Windows 10 版本 1709 (10.0.16299.0) 和更新版本已引進 MSIX。MSIX was introduced to Windows 10 version 1709 (10.0.16299.0) and greater. 這表示,如果您是使用基本 MSIX 功能,並將 Windows 10 版本 1709 或更新版本設為目標,其才會運作。This means if you are using the basic MSIX functionality and targeting Windows 10 version 1709 or greater, it will just work. 如需支援的作業系統和支援功能的完整清單,請參閱支援的平台。For a complete list of supporting operating systems and supporting features, see Supported Platforms.

封裝在 MSIX 中的服務Services packaged in MSIX

已在 Windows 10 用戶端 2004 (10.0.19041.0) 和更新版本中引進封裝服務的能力。The ability to package services in MSIX were introduced in Windows 10 Client 2004 (10.0.19041.0) and greater. 因此,如果您的應用程式是使用封裝在 MSIX 中的服務,則只能在這些作業系統上進行部署。Therefore if your application is using services packaged in MSIX it is limited to deployment on those operating systems. 若要深入了解如何在 MSIX 中使用 MSIX 封裝服務,請參閱轉換包含服務的安裝程式。To learn more about using MSIX Package Services in MSIX, see Convert an installer that includes services.

MSIX 套件的伺服器支援Server support for MSIX Packages

MSIX 並非內建在 Windows Server 中。MSIX is not built into Windows Server. 不過,當安裝 AppInstaller 應用程式 時,具有桌面體驗組建 1709 的 Window 10 伺服器和更新版本支援 MSIX。MSIX is however supported on Window 10 Server with Desktop Experience builds 1709 and greater when AppInstaller application is installed. 如果您是將更舊組建的伺服器設為目標,則也必須安裝 MSIX 核心。If you are targeting earlier builds of the server, you must also install MSIX Core. 如需 MSIX 核心的相關資訊,請參閱 MSIX 核心。For information on MSIX Core, see MSIX Core.

MSIX 套件支援 Windows 10 1703 和更舊版本Windows 10 1703 and earlier support for MSIX Packages

如果您是將舊版 Windows 設為目標,而不是將 Windows 10 用戶端 1709 (10.0.16299.0) 設為目標,則必須使用 MSIX 核心。If you are targeting earlier versions of Windows, than Windows 10 Client 1709 (10.0.16299.0), you will need to use MSIX Core. 藉由在舊版 Windows 上安裝 MSIX 核心,您將能夠部署和執行 MSIX 應用程式。By installing MSIX Core on the earlier Windows editions, you will be able to deploy and run MSIX applications.

如需支援的作業系統和支援功能的完整清單,請參閱支援的平台。For a complete list of supporting operating systems and supporting features, see Supported Platforms.

升級、降級和架構考量Upgrade, downgrade and architecture considerations

重新安裝原始套件時,可以升級、降級或修復 MSIX 套件。MSIX packages can be upgraded, downgraded, or repaired when the original package is reinstalled. 為了提升效率,當降級時,MSIX 會進行差異更新,這表示不會重新下載舊的承載。For efficiency, when downgrading, MSIX does a differential update which means that there is no re-download of the old payload.

更新現有的套件時,有一些其他因素是您應該考慮的。When updating an existing package, there some are additional factors that you should consider. MSIX 套件組合和 MSIX 套件可以是架構特有的。MSIX bundles and MSIX packages can be architecture specific. 儘管您可以在架構之間升級和降級應用程式,如下表所示,但您無法重新安裝相同版本的不同架構。While you can upgrade and downgrade apps between architecture, as shown in the table below, you cannot reinstall the same version of different architectures.

已安裝 (版本)Installed (version) 升級或重新安裝版本Upgrade or Reinstall version 行為Behavior 結果Result
x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) 重新安裝Reinstall 支援Supported
x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) x86 (3.0)x86 (3.0) 升級Upgrade 支援Supported
x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) x64 (1.0)x64 (1.0) 重新安裝Reinstall 不支援Not Supported
x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) x64 (3.0)x64 (3.0) 升級Upgrade 支援Supported
x86 (3.0)x86 (3.0) x86 (1.0)x86 (1.0) 降級Downgrade 支援Supported
x86 (3.0)x86 (3.0) x64 (1.0)x64 (1.0) 降級Downgrade 支援Supported


解除安裝或降級 MSIX 時,MSIX 會保留使用者的應用程式資料。When uninstalling or downgrading MSIX, MSIX preserves the user's appdata. 因此,請務必注意,除非較新應用程式所建立的資料與舊版相容,否則使用降級的應用程式存取資料可能會出現問題。Therefore it is important to note that unless that data created by the newer app is backward compatible, accessing the data with the downgraded app could present an issue. 如果資料與舊版不相容,建議您不要讓使用者降級。If the data is not backwards compatible, you may not wish to allow the user to downgrade.

若要深入了解如何控制應用程式的更新設定,請參閱在應用程式安裝檔案中設定更新設定To learn more about how you can control the update settings for your apps, see Configure update settings in the App Installer file

MSIX 套件組合MSIX Bundles

MSIX 套件組合是設計來包含多個架構的套件。MSIX bundles are packages that are designed to contain multiple architectures. 另一方面,MSIX 套件僅支援單一架構。MSIX packages on the other hand only support a single architecture. MSIX 套件組合可以用來升級或降級 MSIX 套件,但反之不然。MSIX bundles can upgrade be used to upgrade or downgrade MSIX packages, but the reverse is not true. 您無法使用 MSIX 套件升級或降級 MSIX 套件組合。You cannot upgrade or downgrade a MSIX bundle with a MSIX package.

若要深入了解如何建立套件組合,請參閱組合 MSIX 套件To learn more about creating bundles, see Bundle MSIX packages