適用於開發人員的 Windows 10 (組建 18362) 最新動向What's New in Windows 10 for developers, build 18362

Windows 10 組建 18362 (也就是 SDK 版本 1903年),搭配使用 Visual Studio 2019,提供工具、 功能和體驗,以建立引人注目的 Windows 應用程式。Windows 10 build 18362 (also known as SDK version 1903), in combination with Visual Studio 2019, provides the tools, features, and experiences to make remarkable Windows apps. 在 Windows 10 上安裝工具和 SDK 之後,就表示您已經準備好建立新的通用 Windows 應用程式,或是探索如何在 Windows 上使用現有的應用程式程式碼Install the tools and SDK on Windows 10 and you’re ready to either create a new Universal Windows app or explore how you can use your existing app code on Windows.

這是此版本中 Windows 開發人員會感興趣的新功能和改良功能以及指引的集合。This is a collection of new and improved features and guidance of interest to Windows developers in this release. 如需新增到 Windows SDK 之新命名空間的完整清單,請參閱 Windows 10 組建 18362 API 變更For a full list of new namespaces added to the Windows SDK, see the Windows 10 build 18362 API changes. 如需 Windows 10 重點功能的詳細資訊,請參閱 Windows 10 中有哪些酷功能For more information on the highlighted features of Windows 10, see What's cool in Windows 10.

設計與 UIDesign & UI

功能Feature 說明Description
AnimatedVisualPlayerAnimatedVisualPlayer AnimatedVisualPlayer API 可在您的應用程式中裝載和控制動畫視覺效果的播放。The AnimatedVisualPlayer API hosts and controls playback of animated visuals in your app. 此 API 用來控制和顯示 Lottie 視覺效果之類的內容,可讓您呈現您應用程式中原生的 Adobe AfterEffects 動畫。This API is used to control and display content like Lottie visuals, which allow you to render Adobe AfterEffects animations natively in your applications.
CompactDensityCompactDensity 在您的應用程式中啟用精簡模式,可啟用密集、資訊豐富的控制項群組。Enabling Compact mode in your app enables dense, information-rich groups of controls. 這可以協助瀏覽大量內容、將頁面上可見的內容最大化,或在使用者使用指標輸入時協助瀏覽和互動。This can help with browsing large amounts of content, maximizing the visible content on a page, or aid navigation and interaction when the user is using pointer input.
ItemsRepeaterItems Repeater ItemsRepeater 控制項可以建立自訂體驗,以便對使用者顯示集合。An ItemsRepeater control can create a custom experience for displaying collections to your users. ItemsRepeater 未提供完整的使用者體驗或預設 UI。ItemsRepeater does not provide a comprehensive end-user experience or a default UI. 然而,它是一個建置組塊,您可用來建立自己的唯一集合型體驗和自訂控制項。Instead, it’s a building block that you can use to create your own unique collection-based experiences and custom controls.
教學提示Teaching tip 教學提示是半持續性的內容豐富飛出視窗,可提供內容資訊。A teaching tip is a semi-persistent and content-rich flyout that provides contextual information. 您可以將此控制項用於通知、提醒及教導使用者有關新的或重要功能。You can use this control for informing, reminding, and teaching users about new or important features.
UI 命令UI commanding 透過 UWP 應用程式中的命令,使用 XamlUICommandStandardUICommand 類別 (連同 ICommand 介面) 來共用及管理橫跨各種控制項類型的命令 (不論所使用的裝置和輸入類型為何)。With commanding in UWP apps, use the XamlUICommand and StandardUICommand classes (along with the ICommand interface) to share and manage commands across various control types, regardless of the device and input type being used.
Windows UI 程式庫Windows UI Library Windows UI 程式庫的最新官方版本 – WinUI 2.1 – 為您的 Windows 應用程式提供活躍的 XAML 控制項。The latest official version of the Windows UI Library – WinUI 2.1 – provides vibrant new XAML controls for your Windows app. WinUI 程式庫 API 可在較舊版本的 Windows 10 上執行,因此您並不需要加入版本檢查或條件式 XAML 來支援沒有使用最新作業系統的使用者。WinUI library APIs run on earlier versions of Windows 10, so you don’t have to include version checks or conditional XAML to supports users who aren’t on the latest OS.
傳統型應用程式中的視覺層Visual Layer in Desktop apps 您現在可以使用傳統型應用程式中的 UWP 視覺層 APIYou can now use the UWP Visual layer APIs in desktop applications. 這些 API 提供高效能、保留模式的 API 來處理圖形、效果和動畫,而且是各種 Windows 裝置的 UI 基礎。These APIs provide high performance retrained-mode API for graphics, effects, and animations, and are the foundation for UI across Windows devices.
Z 深度和陰影Z-depth and shadow 使用 Z 深度和陰影在 UWP 應用程式中建立提高權限。Use Z-depth and shadow to create elevation in your UWP app. 這些新功能可讓您的應用程式 UI 更容易進行掃描,且進一步傳達使用者要聚焦的最重要資訊。These new features lets you make your app's UI easier to scan, and better conveys what's important for your users to focus on.

開發 Windows 應用程式Develop Windows apps

功能Feature 說明Description
反惡意程式碼掃描介面 (AMSI)Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) 了解反惡意程式碼掃描介面 (AMSI) 如何協助您抵禦惡意程式碼,然後查看範例程式碼以了解如何在傳統型應用程式中加以實作。Learn how the Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) helps you defend against malware, then check out the sample code to learn how to implement it in your Desktop app.
C++/WinRT 2.0C++/WinRT 2.0 已發行 2.0 版的 C++/WinRT。Version 2.0 of C++/WinRT has been released. 請查看C++/WinRT 新增功能,以取得所有新變更和新增項目的完整流程表。Check out what's new in C++/WinRT for a full run-down of all the new changes and additions.
選擇您的平台Choose your platform 想要建立新的傳統型應用程式?Interested in creating a new desktop application? 請查看我們改造的選擇您的平台頁面,以取得 UWP、WPF 和 Windows Forms 平台的詳細描述和比較,以及 Win32 API 的進一步資訊。Check out our revamped Choose your platform page for detailed descriptions and comparisons of the UWP, WPF, and Windows Forms platforms, and further information on the Win32 API.
交談式代理程式Conversational agent Windows.ApplicationModel.ConversationalAgent 命名空間可讓您將 Windows 平台代理程式啟用執行階段 (AAR) 所支援的任何數位助理新增至 Windows 應用程式。The Windows.ApplicationModel.ConversationalAgent namespace lets you add any digital assistance supported by the Windows platform Agent Activation Runtime (AAR) to your Windows app.
雲端檔案 APICloud files API 「雲端檔案 API」可讓您建置支援預留位置檔案的雲端同步引擎The cloud files API allows you to build a cloud sync engine that supports placeholder files.
Direct 3D 12Direct 3D 12 之外,Direct3D 12 轉譯行程可以改善您的轉譯器效能 (如果它是以並排式延遲轉譯 (TBDR) 為基礎的話)。Direct3D 12 render passes can improve the performance of your renderer if it's based on Tile-Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR), among other techniques. 此技術可讓您的應用程式更容易識別資源轉譯順序需求和資料相依性,進而協助您的轉譯器改善 GPU 效率。The technique helps your renderer improve GPU efficiency by enabling your application to better identify resource rendering ordering requirements and data dependencies. 這會減少往返晶片記憶體的記憶體流量。This reduces memory traffic to/from off-chip memory.
Direct Machine Learning (DirectML)Direct Machine Learning (DirectML) DirectML 是適用於機器學習的低階硬體加速 API。DirectML is a low-level hardware-accelerated API for machine learning. 它具有 DirectX 12 樣式的熟悉 (原生C++,nano-COM) 程式設計介面和工作流程。It has a familiar (native C++, nano-COM) programming interface and workflow in the style of DirectX 12. 您可以將機器學習推斷工作負載整合到您的遊戲、引擎、中介軟體、後端或其他應用程式中。You can integrate machine learning inferencing workloads into your game, engine, middleware, backend, or other application. 所有 DirectX 12 相容硬體都支援 DirectML。DirectML is supported by all DirectX 12-compatible hardware.
DirectX HLSLDirectX HLSL HLSL Shader Model 6.4提供可搭配 DirectML 使用得新機器學習 intrinsics。HLSL Shader Model 6.4 provides new machine learning intrinsics for use with DirectML.
驅動程式開發Driver development 已針對 Windows 驅動程式開發人員增加新的音訊、相機、顯示、網路、行動寬頻、列印、感應器、儲存體及 wifi 功能。New audio, camera, display, networking, mobile broadband, print, sensor, storage, and wifi features have been added for Windows driver developers. 如需進一步詳細資訊,請查看驅動程式開發新增功能Check out What's new in driver development for further details.
檔案系統作業File system operations 最佳做法指南可協助您充分利用 Windows.Storage.FileIO 和 Windows.Storage.PathIO 類別來執行檔案系統 I/O 作業。This best practice guide can help you best use the Windows.Storage.FileIO and Windows.Storage.PathIO classes to perform file system I/O operations.
遊戲台與遙控器的互動Gamepad and remote control interactions 使用遊戲台和遠端控制互動,打造可使用且可存取的互動體驗。Use gamepad and remote control interactions to build usable and accessible interaction experiences. 透過這些互動,您的應用程式在十英呎遠的地方可如同兩英呎遠般以直覺方式輕鬆使用。With these interactions, your application can be as intuitive and easy to use from two feet away as it is from ten feet away.
日本年號變更Japanese era change 我們提供了這些指示,說明如何確保您的 Windows 應用程式已準備好因應 2019 年 5 月 1 日起生效的日本年號變更。We've provided these instructions to show you how to ensure your Windows application is ready for the Japanese era change set to take place on May 1, 2019. 此頁面也提供日文 (在文章底部,按一下語言控制項,然後選取 [日文])。This page is also available in Japanese (at the bottom of the article, click the language control and select Japanese).
WPF、Windows Forms 和 WinUI 的開放原始碼Open Source of WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI WPF、Windows Forms 和 WinUI UX 架構現在可用於在 GitHub 上貢獻開放原始碼。The WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI UX frameworks are now available for open-source contributions on GitHub. 如需詳細資訊和連結,請參閱建置 Windows 應用程式部落格For more information and links, see the building Windows apps blog.
適用於 Xbox 的漸進式 Web 應用程式Progressive Web Apps for Xbox 使用適用於 Xbox One 的漸進式 Web 應用程式,您可以擴充 Web 應用程式並讓它以 Xbox One 應用程式的形式透過 Microsoft Store 提供,同時仍繼續使用您現有的架構、CDN 及伺服器後端。With Progressive Web Apps for Xbox One, you can extend a web application and make it available as an Xbox One app via Microsoft Store while still continuing to use your existing frameworks, CDN and server backend. 在大部分的情況下,您可使用 Windows 中的相同方式針對 Xbox One 封裝您的 PWA。For the most part, you can package your PWA for Xbox One in the same way you would for Windows. 本指南將逐步引導您完成此程序,並強調主要差異。This guide will walk you through the process, and highlight the key differences.
Project RomeProject Rome Project Rome SDK 現在適用於 Android 和 iOS。The Project Rome SDK is now available for Android and iOS. 了解如何整合圖形通知與每個平台:AndroidiOSLearn how to integrate Graph notifications with each platform: Android and iOS.
遠端相機Remote cameras 使用 DeviceWatcher 類別,連線到遠端相機,並將這些相機中的框架讀到 Windows 應用程式中。Use the DeviceWatcher class to connect to remote cameras, and read frames from those cameras into your Windows app.
傳統型應用程式中的 UWP 控制項 (XAML Island)UWP controls in desktop applications (XAML islands) Windows SDK 中用於在 WPF、Windows Forms 和 C++ Win32 傳統型應用程式中裝載 UWP 控制項的 API,不再位於開發人員預覽版中。The APIs in the Windows SDK for hosting UWP controls in WPF, Windows Forms, and C++ Win32 desktop applications are no longer in developer preview. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱傳統型應用程式中的 UWP 控制項For more information, see UWP controls in desktop applications.
Visual Studio 2019Visual Studio 2019 已發行 Visual Studio 2019,內含適用於任何開發人員、應用程式或平台的最新工具和服務。Visual Studio 2019 has been released, with the latest tools and services for any developer, app, or platform. 請查看 Visual Studio 2019 新增功能以了解最新資訊並開始使用。Check out What's new in Visual Studio 2019 to learn the latest and to get started.
Win32 WebViewWin32 WebView 我們的常見問題集會提供在傳統型應用程式中使用 Microsoft Edge WebView 時的常見問題解答,以及連範例和其他資源的連結。Our frequently asked questions provide answers to common questions when using the Microsoft Edge WebView in desktop applications, as well as links to samples and additional resources.
Windows 命令列Windows Command Line 新的主控台功能包括實驗性 [終端機] 索引標籤,內含捲動、游標形狀和游標色彩的設定。New Console features include the experimental Terminal tab, with settings for scrolling, Cursor shape, and Cursor colors. 深入了解適用於開發人員的 Windows 命令列工具部落格Learn more on the Windows Command Line Tools For Developers blog.
Windows 社群工具組Windows Community Toolkit Windows 社群工具組 v5.1 為動畫、遠端裝置、影像裁剪和協助工具提供令人興奮的更新。Windows Community Toolkit v5.1 provides exciting updates for animation, remote devices, image cropping, and accessibility.
• 新的 文件庫 利用 Windows.UI.Composition API 在 Windows 10 (1809) 上提供高品質動畫支援,並允許使用 Bodymovin JSON 檔案或最佳化程式碼產生的類別在 Windows 應用程式中播放。• The new Lottie-Windows library provides high quality animation support on Windows 10 (1809) by utilizing the Windows.UI.Composition APIs, and allows for the consumption of Bodymovin JSON files or optimized code-generated classes for playback in your Windows apps. 試用來自 Microsoft Store 的新 Lottie 檢視器應用程式來測試動畫,並為您的 Windows 應用程式產生最佳化程式碼。Try the new Lottie Viewer app from the Microsoft Store to test out animations and generate optimized code for your Windows apps.
• 新的遠端裝置選擇器可讓使用者選取裝置 (就近或可存取雲端)、啟動該裝置上的應用程式,或與遠端裝置上的應用程式服務通訊。• The new Remote Device Picker allows a user to select a device (proximally or cloud accessible), launch an app on that device, or communicate with app services on the remote device.
• 新的 ImageCropper 控制項整合裁剪功能,以便選取設定檔圖片或使用相片編輯工具。• The new ImageCropper control integrates cropping functionality for selecting profile pictures or for using photo editing tools.
• 此外,還有控制項的存取性改進、適用於 WPF 和 WinForms 的 Microsoft.Toolkit.Win32 6.0 預覽套件更新,以及您可在版本資訊中了解的其他功能。• In addition, there have been accessibility improvements on the controls, a Microsoft.Toolkit.Win32 6.0 preview package update for WPF and WinForms, and more features that you can read about in the release notes.
Windows Machine LearningWindows Machine Learning 我們已重新設計 Windows AI 文件,將其劃分成三個領域:Windows Machine Learning (WinML)、Windows Vision Skills 和 Direct Machine Learning (DirectML)。We've redesigned the Windows AI docs, splitting them into three areas: Windows Machine Learning (WinML), Windows Vision Skills, and Direct Machine Learning (DirectML). 請查看新的登陸頁面Check out the new landing page
• Visual Studio 中的 MLGen 體驗持續變更。• The MLGen experience is changing in Visual Studio. 在 Windows 10 版本 1903 和更新版本中,mlgen 不再包含於 Windows 10 SDK 中。In Windows 10, version 1903 and later, mlgen is no longer included in the Windows 10 SDK. 如果您使用 VS 2017,則應該改為下載並安裝 Visual Studio 擴充功能 Windows Machine Learning 程式碼產生器 VS 2017If you're using VS 2017, you should instead download and install the Visual Studio extension, Windows Machine Learning Code Generator VS 2017. 如果您使用 Visual Studio 2019,則應該安裝 Windows Machine Learning 程式碼產生器擴充功能。If you're using Visual Studio 2019, you should install the Windows Machine Learning Code Generator extension.
• 我們也很榮幸宣布新的權數封裝支援。• We're also proud to announce new support for weight packing. 開發人員現在可以使用稱為權數封裝 (透過 WinMLTools 轉換器提供) 的技術,降低其 ML 模型的磁碟使用量。Developers now can reduce the disk footprint of their ML models by using a technique called weight packing, made available through the WinMLTools converter.
WinRT 彙總參考WinRT consolidated reference 我們已新增 WinRT 類型系統WinMD 檔案的完整說明,以提供關於 WinRT API 結構定義的特定深入注意事項。We've added full description of the WinRT type system and WinMD files, to provide specific in-depth notes about the definitions about the structure of WinRT APIs.
適用於 Linux 的 Windows 子系統 (WSL)Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) WSL 的近期更新包括能夠使用 [檔案總管] 從 Windows 存取 Linux 檔案,以及 wsl.exe 和 wslconfig.exe 的一些新命令。Recent updates to WSL include the ability to access Linux files from Windows using File Explorer, and some new commands for wsl.exe and wslconfig.exe.
Windows Vision SkillsWindows Vision Skills Windows Vision Skills 是一組 API,可讓您建立臉部辨識等一些「技能」,然後將其封裝為其他應用程式可取用的 NuGet 套件,甚至不需包含機器學習模型。Windows Vision Skills is a set of APIs that lets you create “skills,” like facial recognition, and then package them up as a NuGet package that other apps can consume, without even needing to include a machine learning model.

發佈 Windows 應用程式以及從中獲利Publish & Monetize Windows apps

功能Feature 說明Description
MSIXMSIX Windows 10 組建 1709 和 1803 上的 MSIX 支援說明 Windows 10 版本 1809 之前的版本支援那些 MSIX 功能。MSIX support on Windows 10 builds 1709 and 1803 describes which MSIX features are supported on versions before Windows 10, version 1809.
MSIX 封裝和部署MSIX packaging and deployment 我們引進了數個修改套件相關改進功能,讓您更輕鬆地在 MSIX 套件中封裝自訂項目。We introduced several improvements related to modification packages to make it easier to package customizations in an MSIX package. 這些改進功能包括套件資訊清單中的新 rescap6:ModificationPackage 元素、能夠利用修改套件覆寫主要套建中的檔案,以及能夠將檔案系統型外掛程式封裝為 MSIX 修改套件。These improvements include the new rescap6:ModificationPackage element in the package manifest, the ability to override a file in the main package with a modification package, and the ability to package a file system based plug-in as an MSIX modification package.
MSIX 封裝工具MSIX Packaging Tool • 我們已新增在遠端電腦上執行轉換的支援• We added support for performing conversions on a remote machine. 我們也引進了 MSIX 封裝工具測試人員計畫,以供提早存取新的工具功能。We also introduced the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program to offer early access to new tool features.
1709 和更新版本上的 MSIX 套件支援專為 Windows 10 版本 1709 和 1803,提供使用 MSIX 封裝工具建置套件的相關指引。MSIX Package support on 1709 and later provides guidance about using the MSIX Packaging Tool to build packages specifically for Windows 10, versions 1709 and 1803.
Hyper-V 快速建立上的 MSIX 封裝環境說明如何建立適用於 MSIX 封裝專案的虛擬環境。MSIX packaging environment on Hyper-V Quick Create shows how to create a virtual environment for MSIX packaging projects.
搭售 MSIX 封裝提供使用 MSIX 封裝工具建立套件組合的指示。Bundle MSIX packages provides instructions for creating a package bundle using the MSIX Packaging Tool.
Windows 10 版本 1809 上的修改套件包含使用 MSIX 封裝工具和 MakeApp.exe 1809 為 Windows 10 版本 1809 和更新版本建立修改套件的指示。Modification packages on Windows 10 version 1809 contains instructions for creating a modification package for Windows 10 version 1809 and later versions using the MSIX Packaging Tool and MakeApp.exe.
MSIX SDKMSIX SDK 使用 MSIX SDK 來建置跨平台使用的套件,並了解如何指定您希望您的套件解壓縮的目標平台。Use the MSIX SDK to build a package for cross-platform use, and learn how to specify the target platforms to which you want your packages to extract.

Microsoft LearnMicrosoft Learn

Microsoft Learn 為 Microsoft 開發人員提供新的實際操作學習和訓練機會。Microsoft Learn provides new hands-on learning and training opportunities to Microsoft developers.


漸進式 Web 應用程式Progressive Web Apps

漸進式 Web 應用程式是一個網站,其作用如同橫跨不同瀏覽器和各種 Windows 10 裝置的原生應用程式。Progressive Web Apps are web sites that function like native apps across different browsers and a wide variety of Windows 10 devices. 觀看影片進一步了解,然後查看文件以開始使用。Watch the video to learn more, and then check out the docs to get started.

VS Code 系列VS Code series

請查看 Visual Studio Code 上新的影片系列,以取得何謂 VSCode、其使用方式,以及其建立方式的相關資訊。Check out our new video series on Visual Studio Code for information about what VSCode is, how to use it, and how it was created.

混合實境服務Mixed Reality services

最近已宣布 HoloLens 2。HoloLens 2 was recently announced. 請查看混合實境的這一系列影片,以取得最新資訊,以及如何參與並開始開發。Check out this video series on Mixed Reality for the latest information, and how you can get involved and start developing.

One Dev QuestionOne Dev Question

在 One Dev Question 影片系列中,資深的 Microsoft 開發人員會談論一系列關於 Windows 開發、團隊文化和歷史的問題。In the One Dev Question video series, longtime Microsoft developers cover a series of questions about Windows development, team culture, and history.