WebPageHttpHandler WebPageHttpHandler WebPageHttpHandler Class


Provides methods and properties that are used to process specific URL extensions.

public class WebPageHttpHandler : System.Web.IHttpHandler, System.Web.SessionState.IRequiresSessionState
type WebPageHttpHandler = class
    interface IHttpHandler
    interface IRequiresSessionState
Public Class WebPageHttpHandler
Implements IHttpHandler, IRequiresSessionState


WebPageHttpHandler(WebPage) WebPageHttpHandler(WebPage) WebPageHttpHandler(WebPage)

Initializes a new instance of the WebPageHttpHandler class by using the specified web page.


WebPagesVersionHeaderName WebPagesVersionHeaderName WebPagesVersionHeaderName

The HTML tag name (X-AspNetWebPages-Version) for the version of the ASP.NET Web Pages specification that is used by this web page.


DisableWebPagesResponseHeader DisableWebPagesResponseHeader DisableWebPagesResponseHeader

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether web page response headers are disabled.

IsReusable IsReusable IsReusable

Gets a value that indicates whether another request can use the WebPageHttpHandler instance.


CreateFromVirtualPath(String) CreateFromVirtualPath(String) CreateFromVirtualPath(String)

Creates a new IHttpHandler handler object from the specified virtual path.

GetRegisteredExtensions() GetRegisteredExtensions() GetRegisteredExtensions()

Returns a list of file name extensions that the current WebPageHttpHandler instance can process.

ProcessRequest(HttpContext) ProcessRequest(HttpContext) ProcessRequest(HttpContext)

Processes the web page by using the specified context.

RegisterExtension(String) RegisterExtension(String) RegisterExtension(String)

Adds a file name extension to the list of extensions that are processed by the current WebPageHttpHandler instance.

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