Step 4: Sync your SIS using School Data Sync (SDS)

Once you have Identity integration with On-Premise AD, or you’re ready to create cloud-only Identity, enabling School Data Sync (SDS) is going to be the next step. SDS can be used to either create new cloud-only identities or evolve your existing identities for all users. Users will be evolved to “students” and “teachers”, and associated to “grade,” “school,” and other EDU specific attributes and associations.

SDS will also synchronize and create all of your classes in Office 365, for use as Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Class Teams. SDS will add teachers as class owners, and students as class members, based on the roster data stored in the SIS. Click here for the benefits of using SDS for IT Admins, Teachers, Students, SIS Vendors, App Vendors, and SIs.

SDS offers two methods for directory sync and creation.

  1. Sync from SIS using an API – Seamless API integration with several top SIS’es including PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Classlink, Capita SIMS, and several others.
  2. Sync from CSV Files – Any SIS which can export data to one of the three supported CSV formats (SDS CSV, OneRoster, and Clever format), can be synced via SDS.

Click here for an overview of SDS deployment methods.


Once you have synced your SIS using SDS, please proceed to Step 5 to License Users.